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Daffodil wedding bouquet

It's been a while since I posted due to many visitors popping in and my mother is with me for a short visit! Liz had ordered her wedding bouquet and 6 bouquet for her bridesmaids.She said she like bright colors and that her wedding colors were blue,green and yellow so the idea of daffodils popped in.I have been working on it with my mom and here is the collection!

The bouquet features ranunculus in shades of ivory and salmon,tulips in ivory,yellow,salmon and daffodils to create a pop.The bridesmaids hold a dozen cheery and bright daffodil with green stems.

In order to tie all into the color scheme I used a deep blue grosgrain ribbon with a rick rack tie on it.The bridesmaids have pale yellow grossgrain ribbon with blue ties.
The boutonierres are a flower called bachlelor's button in midnight blue.The stems are clay and finished with a crisscrossed ribbons.

yellow composite flower for Scottee

orange red yellow wedding bouquet

For those awaiting the pictures sorry for the delay:-)Finally it's all done hopefully.

Now here is the order for Jenn,it was a much awaited order I was dying to do becoz of the lovely color scheme.Jenn had ordered her wedding bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet in brightly colored flower.She sent me her invite and told me her theme were those colors.It was a challenge to get it right-in the end after a lot of mixing and matching I hope I got it right:-).Jenn was awesome and allowed me to change my mind a bit :-)

The bridal bouquet is below!!!

the brides maids hold hot pink dahlias,red mums,orangy yellow lilies and golden yellow daisies.All wrapped in red ribbon.

Check out the wrist corsages for the mom's :-) It has 3 colored flowers and I switched the ribbon to hot pink as the bright red was a bit too much on the eye..

The groom and dad's wear all the 4 flowers made into a boutonnieres accented with some velvet leaves.

The ushers have single flowers of the bridesmaids.

The aunts and uncles have an orange daisy finished of with hot pink ribbon and to spice it up I added a yellow rickrack tie to them.

celeste wedding -all yellow wedding boutonierres

Here are all the 7 ushers boutonnieres! A yellow rose and a stephanotis.The order is progressing well! I love yellow!

Wedding flower for Celeste

I am bit behind schedule here -my gardenias are selling out so I needed to make some..

I am working on a lovely order from Celeste for her wedding,her colors are tones of yellow.

I tried out one usher's boutonierre and here is what I created a buttercup colored yellow rose with a single crystal encrusted stephanotis.The stem has a gold thread wound on it to create a nice dimension.I am wondering if I should use the brighter yellow or the lighter yellow...

Lot or order to cover.Hope the memorial day weekend was great! I got back some picture from Christi's wedding (anemone bouquet) and am very happy to see the pictures,so more pictures of another great couple coming up so stay tuned!

Paper poppies in yellow and orange and red roses bouquet

I am making flowers for Nancy for her wedding.She ordered for yellow and orange poppies and red rose and what a head turner it's turning to be! I thought the combination wouldn't go well together but the moment I saw them together I knew I have a winning combination on my hand!

See the pictures,I am not much of a photographic genius and the pictures don't show justice:-)

I am trying to hurry up here :-) as I need to get this out this weekend with another large order coming up!!!


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