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Wedding paper flower bouquet for Desiree of dahlias,dogwoods and cyclamen

The wedding paper flower bouquet I made for Desiree is complete.The bouquet looks soo real that if Desiree does not tell anyone it's paper many people are going to get fooled by the flowers!

I made the paper flower bouquet with burgundy dahlias and hand shaded plum dahlias.The bridesmaids hold hand shaded calla lilies with DECO clay dogwoods and cyclamens.

I finished off all the bouquets with burgundy ribbon and added a button to the bow to add a bit of 'wow' factor:-)

She requested a red poppy for the groom as he is a soldier (who served in Iraq!!!) so I created it in DECO clay.Added a bit of feathers and a Velvet leaves.The 3 ushers have a orange blossom boutonniere as in DECO Clay! They turned out sooo beautiful and real.

Let me know your comments!


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