anemone paper flower for wedding cakes

A request for Nicole -she wanted paper anemone for her cake and here is her order!

snowdrop flower boutonierre

I had a request from a client -she wanted a "snowdrop" flower as a boutonierre and she sent me this picture of the actor having a real one on his lapel and asked if I could recreate it.After many tries as the flower is pretty tricky!! here is finally I arrived with this replica -hope my client likes it!

stepanotis wedding bouquet off white with golden beaded centers

Stephanotis wedding bouquets are pretty popular and look absolutely elegant with the bridal dress! I had a request for an off white stepanotis wedding bouquet and the bride sent me this picture of her gorgeous wedding dress

Her is what I created for her,the bouquet has lots of stephanotis and the centers are golden filigree balls (great find!!) and varied it a bit with topaz rhinestones and swarovski yellow crystals.The bouquet is finished off with an off white ribbon and some gold beads interspersed between the pins!

stephanotis wedding bouquet

stephanotis wedding bouquet
stephanotis wedding bouquet

Here is the link to the stephanotis wedding bouquet I did before on etsy.

beach wedding bouquet of shells, forget-me-nots and dahlias

Debrah had ordered a beach wedding theme bouquet she smentioned she liked the pink dahlias on the blog but wanted a blue theme to it,so I suggested white crepe paper dahlias,blue clay forget me nots with blue centers,shell and pearl fillers.The pearly white shells looked quite nice as the fillers!

Here is how the bouquet has turned out..
beach theme wedding bouquet
forgetmenots wedding bouquet
blue wedding bouquet

forget me nots and roses wedding bouquet for alana

It was forget me nots week here at St Jude's Creations,the forget me nots take such a lot of time to make that I forgot how long it actually takes:-) as each flower so intricately and painstakingly made and tiny...but really really breathtaking to see together!

Alana had seen this forget me nots wedding bouquet and wanted a similiar one but she wanted the roses in purple..

The bouquets measure around 8inches across full of forget me nots!
forget me nots
forget me nots
forget me nots

Garden woodland wedding boutonierres

This corsage is made up of velvet leaves,pink feathers,white berries,bead fillers and a gorgoeus paper flowers topped with a peeking bird.

Garden woodland wedding boutonierres on the newsday bridal planner on feb 14th

Robin had asked me some picture of my bird boutonnieres long time ago for an article on the Herald/Newsday,she sent me this!

Pretty humbling to see my boutonniere published along with the likes of Vera Vang,Clinique and Godiva!

wedding corsages gardenia

Nicole liked the gardenias and so ordered 3 corsages for the moms!

The corsages have matching blue ribbon,pink and white feather and some matching velvet leaves and of course the clay gardenia

southern magnolia wedding cake flowers

Heather had requested for some Southern magnolia's cake flowers for her wedding and it has turned out quite awesome!

magnolia southern wedding cake

I added some green leaves and here it how it will look with it Heather!

Gardenia wedding bouquet

Here is the order that Therese ordered a gardenia wedding bouquet.The bouquet has turned out quite beautiful.I had received these new leaves which I thought when added gave the bouquet a more natural look.I added some vines and found it lacked a bling factor and so added some pearl (gardenias and pearl go so well together!)
and here is the result.Therese wanted turquoise ribbon and a bow.
I am crossing my finger on this:-)


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