Chanel show inspired huge large white paper flowers backdrop

I am sure everyone by now have seen the grand fashion show that Chanel did last year(?) with large paper flowers that are huge as backdrops.After that a huge resurgence in interest for paper flowers seem to have happened and I have been often requested to make these and I have quite clearly avoided them due to the lack of time and the labor involved in making them and ofcourse how cumbersome they are to ship..
chanel huge paper fower inspired
this time the enquiry came all the way from Kuwait and my client sent me the same kind of huge paper flowers and I rethought and thought I should give it a shot..Here is a 2 feet yes 2 feet! across flower I made..The flower is made from white paper
chanel huge paper fower inspired

and there are 2 leaves attached.These would look lovely in wedding photo booth backdrop,photo shoots for products,window displays for shops fronts etc..
enquires please email me at stjudescreations(AT)

Chanel show here

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Giveaway wedding ring bearer pillow bird nest

This week giveway is a ring bearer bridal pillow with a birds nest using a woodland theme.This is ring bearer pillow using a woodland theme.The ring bearer pillow is a birch wood on which 2 cute birds are nestled on a cushion of green moss.The rings can be tied onto the ribbon.

This would be great photo op for the ring bearer :-)and would be great to show off in the house after the ceremony on a small cupcake stand.It can even be displayed next to the cake on the cake table after the ceremony.

Many other choices are available at my shop so do come by!

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flower girl ball

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bridal wedding hair flower gardenia pictures

I just got back some awesome picture of my favorite flowers gardenias as wedding hair flowers!

vintage milk glass flower arrangements floral

vintage milk glass
floral arrangment
I was working on some vintage milk glass flower arrangements.These floral arrangements would be perfect gift.The fenton vintage milk glasses are from New England where I live in a quaint little town :-). I would LOVE to keep them (I have more coming:-))
check my etsy listing (top left) for buying these!

custom orders are welcome!

pomander kissing ball flower girl moss

flower girl wedding ball
Another new creation I came up with - a pomander ball for a flower girl -I had this ball that I have kept thinking I need to do something about and finally everything came together and I have created a new unique design that is sure to be a best seller! I found this super cute bird that will come close 2nd to my white birds! They are limited edition and I wanted to create somehtign fun and new with them..

I have here created a pomander for a flower girl using a moss ball and 2 of my cutest blue bird I have ever found! The ball is held by a pink martha stewart ribbon.On the top roost 2 blue birds and I have attached pink handmade stephanotis and spotted guinea feathers.The ball is gorgeous and would be great photo op for the flower girl.It would be great for a garden wedding.

This would be perfect for a garden wedding!Custom requests are welcome!

Design and photos are sole properties of ©stjudescreations.

Handmade Forget me nots wedding cake topper bird nest in blue

forget me not
I used some my all time favorite forget me nots -(the flowers are so intricately made that it take loads of time to finish them) in my bird nest (which btw is also handmade) for a blue wedding cake topper.This would be gorgeous a top a cake for a garden wedding! Seprate bunches of forget me nots can be ordered.What more I can totally see this resting somewhere special after the wedding as lasting memories of the day!

forget me nots
Forget me not wedding cake topper! I have been in a bit of creative splurges :-) and guilty of having not concentrated on my "to do" orders - anyway here is what I have created lately.

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birch ring bearer bridal pillow birds nest woodland christmas Use 'stjudes10' to get 10%0ff

A new collection of ring bearers nests up at
ring bearer bridal pillow birds nest woodland christmas

ring beared nest bird moss

floral arrangement or paper roses and peony in vintage milk glass

paper rose and peony floral arrangement is up at etsy!
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I created this arrangement with paper roses with pink edges ,handmade paper peonies and green fillwer.There are white handmade stephanotis with pearl centers interspered inbetween the arrangement.

The arrangement in made in a gorgeous vintage milk glass vase I found in New England where I live and measures 6 by 6.


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