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forge me not silk flowers alternative cake topper

A forget me not topper that is always so cute! They forget me not are very painstaking to do and take hours to make.The woodland birds are my favorites sitting in a handmade nest. A great topper for a wedding,sure to be a attraction!
cake topper birds
forget me nots silk

royal blue bird nest wedding cake topper woodland rustic garden

Here is a cake topper with 2 birds in handmade nest.This is for a wedding anniversary cake in canary yellow with royal blue bow so the client ordered for deep royal blue handmade roses.I added few sprigs of yellow.

wedding cake topper - woodland

Wedding cake topper in an array of choices! The cake topper with my new bird nest topper! Perfect and quaint, the cake features my paper peony toppers.The last one holds my

clay flower wedding cake topper

You can buy this wedding cake topper .Check out store promotion coupons to get discounts.

ring bearer pillow with birds woodland

I had a creative spurt and inbetween my orders decided I needed to do something fun and here is what I created a ring bearer pillow using a woodland theme.The ring bearer pillow is a birch wood on which 2 cute birds are nestled on cushion of green moss.The rings can be tied onto the ribbon.Custom requests are welcome!

This one will be on etsy here Ring bearer pillow birds nest woodland Grab it before it flies off!!

bird ring pillow
bridal ring pillow
Ring bearer pillow birds nest woodland

Garden wedding boutonierres birds

Woodland bird corsages wedding theme

My wooldland bird corsages for Mellisa.The corsages have velvet leaves,few good biots and the orange blossom clay flower.The bir dlook quite cosy perched in between.
Hope you like them Mellisa

If you like this do chek out my etsy listing at woodland bird wedding corsage

wedding woodland Bird Blue berry boutonierre

Another combination on my woodland bird botunonierre...rustic with some blueberries

woodland wedding boutonnierres

Diana's order for the woodland boutonierres! Each bird is wound with a bark and each one has a green velvet leaf and green berries!

Woodland theme bird wreath moss cobble designs

Woodland theme bird wreath moss designs: I was down with a surgery for xmas..,anyway just to get my thought away I made this idea I was planning in my head for a long time.It's on the woodland theme I have been playing around with for the next year designs. The woodland theme bird wreath has a bird's nest on it on a handmade wreath.I found the faux moss and found they go well with the theme and used them to create a very unique wreath.I was thinking it can adorn right next to that mirror in your foyer (sure to get many compliments on it) or reside next to you bedside wall or even the bathroom.I find it reflects peace,love maybe the ideal wreath to adorn a newly weds house! I tied a bow in the end to it,you can take if off if needed and add another to match the rooms decor.

Rustic woodland bird boutonierre wedding

Rustic woodland bird boutonierre wedding is on etsy for sale!

My cute bird sold again so I thought of making another one this time with a diffrence,I added green berries and a green velvet leaf and then I wound the stem with wood bark covered wire to give a rustic woodland look.

How cool does that look?

Cake Bird Topper Nest

A wedding cake bird nest topper was custom requested by a client! The bird's nest is handmade! It took a lot of time but it was worth the handmade look I feel.

I had the idea of an arch for the topper and hadn't gotten down to doing to it so when when the request was made I was grinning from ear to ear as it was precisely what I had in mind.The bride's colors were navy blue,burgundy and green,I added velvet leaves in those colors and she requested orange bloossoms,I found a nice branch which I strung on the arch and the birds (how cute are they???) simply put the quaint look on it!

Hope you like it!

woodland wedding bird boutonierres

I made another bird boutonierres - love my cute birds!

Check it out here woodland wedding bird boutonierre
This was created during my creative splurges:-)

The boutonierre has very cute bird with 2 vintage leaves and 2 curly biots.To top it I hand created 2 orange blossoms
which are often requested by brides as it's a symbol of purity and love.It's all wrapped in a gorgeous pure white unique ribbon. All set for shipping to adorn a happy groom's lapel.

A very stunning boutonierre designed with lots of time!

Woodland theme bird cake topper nest

This one is super cute -Betty had asked if I could create for her bird theme cake topper - a nest with my cute bird- they are soo cute that sometimes I feel I should keep them for myself to admire (which is crazy I know).Anyway the topper has 2 birds in a mossy nest - I tried several flower combinations and found that the white forget me nots looked best with 2 leaves - would love to get some wedding cake picture back from you Betty!She has ordered 2 gardenias too!

This one is paired with my peonies!

Bird woodland theme wedding boutonierre

I was particularly fascinated by a woodland themed / birds wedding.I always wanted to make a small boutonniere with a bird in it and when I chanced upon this super cute bird I just had to buy it! I had stashed it for a long time and so I took break from my orders and just on the spur made this boutonniere for me to admire :-) then I thought I should just list it on etsy as my etsy is sadly lacking any items to buy. It will be sad day to part with this one :-)

You see the listing here Cute bird wedding boutonierre

I made another bird boutonierres - love my cute birds!

Check it out here woodland wedding bird boutonierre


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