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non traditional flowers for weddings

I loved how this shot came out!!! Maybe a front pager on my website?

Hot pink peonies,yellow,blue,turquiose blue roses and orange poppies.

Paper Flowers Peonies for weddings and cakes as toppers

I was making this order for Abby - 20 hot pink peonies.They have come out really well.With the economy in such a turmoil and brides trying to cut costs these flowers could very well replace the expensive cake flowers that are available.

paper flowers

What a gorgeous cake it would be with the topper of paper peonies.

new reviews!

I got some new reviews from some brides who ordered from me,how great is it.

The bride for whom I did the blue flowers and the etsy bride Stepahanie gave great reviews on our flowers,hmm made our day.Some customers forget I guess to get back but some thing like these reviews are such a pleasure to read and make our day!

Read the reviews at: Review of St Jude's Creations


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