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stephanotis hair flowers

stephanotis wedding hair flower
I made these stephanotis hair flower with pearl centers in them.They are on flexible thin wires that you can wind onto a U pin or a bobby pin.You can buy them soon from here.

chanel fashion show inspired huge large paper flower wall

chanel fashion show inspired huge large paper flower wedding wall

Here is the picture of the flowers in the event I made for a wedding wall inspired by chanel fashion show's paper flowers. Enquiries please email me at PLEASE NOTE: THE PAPER WALL HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED AS OF SEPT 2012..sorry! -Maria

ceremony backdrop ideas

If you like this post you would love my new book on Amazon "How to make 100 Paper Flowers" 
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Be sure to pin this on your pinterest boards for inspiration to refer back!

chanel inspired large paper flower wall backdrop

Wedding bridal fair paper flower wall backdrop

I am slowly getting back up to wedding season again I think! and wow what snow storm we have had this year here in CT -close to 3 feet of snow plus sleet.It is really treacherous out there! and brr is it cold!

Anyway I had an email enquiry via Events by DECISIONS, Inc. if I could sponsor a wall of paper flower for their I thee wed bridal event I thought I could do it! Here is what I created -the theme was pink large paper flower in pink hues and large paper leaves.The event is on Jan 27 (my birthday date btw!)

bridal wedding hair flower gardenia pictures

I just got back some awesome picture of my favorite flowers gardenias as wedding hair flowers!

vintage milk glass flower arrangements floral

vintage milk glass
floral arrangment
I was working on some vintage milk glass flower arrangements.These floral arrangements would be perfect gift.The fenton vintage milk glasses are from New England where I live in a quaint little town :-). I would LOVE to keep them (I have more coming:-))
check my etsy listing (top left) for buying these!

custom orders are welcome!

wedding cake topper - woodland

Wedding cake topper in an array of choices! The cake topper with my new bird nest topper! Perfect and quaint, the cake features my paper peony toppers.The last one holds my

clay flower wedding cake topper

You can buy this wedding cake topper .Check out store promotion coupons to get discounts.

bridal wedding hair flower

Up for sale is gorgeous bridal wedding hair flower
bridal hair flower
The hair flower has a rhinestone and pearl center and has an alligator clip attched to the back and a small pin so that after the wedding you can use it to dress up any dress.

You can buy the flower here at gorgeous bridal wedding hair flower

Wedding cake flower alternative for gumpaste

clay flower
clay flower
New from stjudescreations and on SALE is this wedding cake topper clay flower an alternative for gumpaste flowers with rhinestone and pearl center.grab it before it sells out.

The topper is around 5 inches across and could easily grace a 4 tier cake alone and still make a statement.

The flower is made from a light yet sturdy floral clay for soley making flower out of.

The flower boasts a gorgeous rhinestone and pearl center and this would be perfect for bride on a budget and yet not willing to comprimise on style! The added advantage is after the wedding wipe it donw and frame it in a shadowbox for an everlasting memory of the wonderful day.
You can buy it here cake topper

fall paper flowerr arrangements for mediabrandww

Mediabrandsww had ordered fall paper flowers arrangements for their first anniversary
The order consists of fall colored flowers in a silver mint julep cup.
These vase could easily be used as centerpieces for a wedding and what great lasting giveaways they would be.

I was really down and I am up full speed - thank you all for your patience. I have been realy waiting to do Lee's order of a bouquet recreation so more coming up in the next post.

wedding centerpiece
fall arrangements

anemone hair flowers

Sorry for the sparse posts - many orders pending!

Here is an anemone order -the bride wanted anemone hair flower for herself and the bridesmaids and the anemone for the cake.Here is how they turned out.Clay anemone are so extremely painstaking to do and it took me quite a while to get these done!

hair flower wedding

Since my mother is here with me for a visit, we were brain storming new ideas and concentrating in fabric flowers lately.Here is one from the new collection that is coming up.The petals are all handmade from a gorgeous pink taffeta with a button in the center,we will variation of the flower soon.You can buy this bridal hair flower one one off here on etsy.The back has a hair clip and pin so you can use this as a pin on flower to a dress also.

orange blossom tiara wreath flower girl woodland

A orange blossom and stephantois weddiflower girl wreath I made a few weeks ago.
The wreath has my handmade orange blossom and stepanotis flowers with some velvet leaves.The wretah would be great for a 7 to 10 year old flower girl.
I am going to be having woodland wonder collection and this one is the first on the list.
orange blossoms artificial
                                                 orange blossoms wreath tiara

This one is sold but you could use the contact form on my store here to order these or you can buy loose from here  

paper flower magnolia topper for boxes toffee company

Ashley contacted me to ask to create an 8 inch magnolia topper for her toffee box she sells in MS at Bellagio..

Here is what I created - a stunning magnolia -She wanted a artsy one! Many toppers to follow suit :-)

Very couture isnt it? Would work very well for high end products...

wedding cake balsa wood flower -bird topper

Another order for the bird topper in the works,the brides wanted balsa wood flowers -luckily I had some on hand which of course was on my list of flowers to do.
The topper has basla wood roses in a spray with browns and green velvet leaf.

The bride is planning to buy balsa wood also called as solabo wood on the cake -wow -Ithink this cake is going to be really gorgeous and different -would love to get pictures!

The order consists of 4 of my orange blossom bird corsage also!

yellow composite flower for Scottee

Blue wedding flowers with blue berries

Erin's order is finally done,thank you so much for your patience.I was down sick and hence all orders are delayed a bit...

The groom boutonierre has a blue and white peony with blueberries,green leaves,feathers and more berries,blue and grey velvet leaves cinched with a black satin ribbon.

The fathers have the same combo but tied with a silver mettalic weaved martha stewart ribbon.

The ushers have the same flower with blue berry accent.This is going to be a winter wedding!

The centerpieces are going to be 20 of my large paper flowers in midnight blue!
Erin hope you will sent me pictures!


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