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Dahlia wedding bouquet for MaryAnn

MaryAnn had ordered a dahlia wedding boquet.She had liked Tam's bouquet and wanted something on that line but in her colors.Here is what I came up with,

The paper flower bouquet has sangria and ivory dahlia and orchid ranunculus.I used a green fillwer leaf and added teeny purple paper statice to accent the purple in her color scheme.The bouqet also has white bead spray and of course the white stephanotis with crsytal centers which MaryAnn requested.

The bridesmaids has 6 flower dahlias of orchid and sangria and the 11 boutonierres have plum berries with a single stephanotis with a pearl center.The groom has 3 stephanotis in his boutonierre.The corsage has 2 dahlias in sangria and orchid and a orchid ranunculus.All flower are handmade!!! It took me quite a while to do the dahlias as they have soo many petals.

Stephanotis wedding bouquets in clay

Stephanotis wedding bouquet are so classy and elegant! I had an order from Canada for a stpehanotis wedding bouquet along with 4 bridesmaids of the same.The bride wanted off white stepahanotis with crystal centers and the bridesmaids are white with pearl centers.The boutonierres are like Tam's with a single stephanotis and berrries.The bride is also wearing a gardenia in her hair and the bridesmaids some stephanotis.The bridal bouquet has around 60 flowers and the whole order took me a lot of time since the flowers are small!!

Thank you Jena for your order and hope you like the flowers!

You can buy them here at Stephanotis wedding bouquet

stepahnotis clay wedding bouquet

bird boutonierre

Bird boutonierres!

snowdrop flower boutonierre

I had a request from a client -she wanted a "snowdrop" flower as a boutonierre and she sent me this picture of the actor having a real one on his lapel and asked if I could recreate it.After many tries as the flower is pretty tricky!! here is finally I arrived with this replica -hope my client likes it!

Garden woodland wedding boutonierres

This corsage is made up of velvet leaves,pink feathers,white berries,bead fillers and a gorgoeus paper flowers topped with a peeking bird.

Garden woodland wedding boutonierres

Garden wedding boutonierres birds

woodland wedding boutonnierres

Diana's order for the woodland boutonierres! Each bird is wound with a bark and each one has a green velvet leaf and green berries!

Rustic woodland bird boutonierre wedding

Rustic woodland bird boutonierre wedding is on etsy for sale!

My cute bird sold again so I thought of making another one this time with a diffrence,I added green berries and a green velvet leaf and then I wound the stem with wood bark covered wire to give a rustic woodland look.

How cool does that look?

stephanotis purple and lavendar wedding bouquet for Tam

I have been working on Tam's order as you can see.Tam is a wonderful bride I feel, she was very flexible (takes off a lot of pressure on my side) and so I felt this bouqet came out very very beautiful and I could choose what went well.

Tam had very very beautiful choices of orange berries,purples flowers and blue forget not,willows,stephanotis.Trust me I was thrilled to read her order enquiry and her combo and jumped right into it as I just knew the combinations was awesome!So Tam all credits to you!

For the purple flowers I chose were dahalias,clematis,ranunculus -one of the best paper dahlias I have ever made I feel.. and one of my best bouquets I have made in paper! I am sure Tam is going to get many Q's like "this is paper?" like I always do at home when guest come..The willow I used brown curly ones and by stroke of luck I saw purple berries -ha -what luck! just a perfect match for everything.

The grooms bout has orange berries,willows,stephanotis finished of with a sheer ribbon.I added a contrast tie of purple,just to add a pop.

The corsages have 3 stephanotis,willows,finsihed with 2 colored ribbons!

The bouts have berries and have the purple ties too!

Tam I really hope you will not forget to send me the pictures please..I would like to see how the flowers looked for the wedding for the design point of view.Pictures of the wedding helps a lot especially let me know what works and what does not.

lotus water lily wedding bouquet

I have shifted finally into the new place(love the extra space).Just before the new place was notified to us I had just taken up an order for Julia and found during the move I had to make the flower due to the close time frame.Anyway since I gave her my word I thought I wil go ahead and do the order although it was a bit stressful :-).

The bouquet has 3 large clay water lily lotus like flower which I handshaded to a royal blue tips (the picture is not quite revealing on the shading I think) then it has bright magenta orchids,royal blue filler flower and yellow berries and flower fillers.I tried out the deeper royal blue and felt it lacked realism and so I went for the lighter tone and shaded in the deeper hues.It finished off with a royal blue satin wrap.

The father have a paper flower boutonierres of orchids and a leaf and the mother have a similar version.

The groom has a mini water lily bud.

Hope Julia likes this one.The order is all set for shipping asap since her wedding is next week!!!How I would love to recieve pictures of this wedding! The bride is going to be wearing my gardenia hair flower also!

woodland wedding bird boutonierres

I made another bird boutonierres - love my cute birds!

Check it out here woodland wedding bird boutonierre
This was created during my creative splurges:-)

The boutonierre has very cute bird with 2 vintage leaves and 2 curly biots.To top it I hand created 2 orange blossoms
which are often requested by brides as it's a symbol of purity and love.It's all wrapped in a gorgeous pure white unique ribbon. All set for shipping to adorn a happy groom's lapel.

A very stunning boutonierre designed with lots of time!

celeste wedding -all yellow wedding boutonierres

Here are all the 7 ushers boutonnieres! A yellow rose and a stephanotis.The order is progressing well! I love yellow!

Wedding flower for Celeste

I am bit behind schedule here -my gardenias are selling out so I needed to make some..

I am working on a lovely order from Celeste for her wedding,her colors are tones of yellow.

I tried out one usher's boutonierre and here is what I created a buttercup colored yellow rose with a single crystal encrusted stephanotis.The stem has a gold thread wound on it to create a nice dimension.I am wondering if I should use the brighter yellow or the lighter yellow...

Lot or order to cover.Hope the memorial day weekend was great! I got back some picture from Christi's wedding (anemone bouquet) and am very happy to see the pictures,so more pictures of another great couple coming up so stay tuned!

Anemone wedding boutonierre for Christi

Cake flowers!

Big day today to get everything of packing and shipping orders.Just thought I should post the awesome boutonniere for Christi.I has an anemone and a sweet pea and a tendril! Anemones are not hardy to be used as boutonnieres so generally florists ask the bride to go for an artificial anemone boutonniere - clay anemone are a very good option and is a great keepsake of the special day.

More pictures on the gardenias wedding bouquet

Here are more pcitures on the gardenia wedding bouquet.Now firstly I finished off all the 12 corsages!

Just finished up the gardenia bouquet and added a blue large bow to it!

A clay gardenia hair flower would have looked good with this!It looked sooo great that I thought I should be relisting it!

Take look at my listing at Artificial Bridal Gardenia for the hair wedding The flower would be 3.5 inches big just right to wear in the hair for your wedding.


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