stephanotis wedding bouquet pictures turquoise blue!

I just got back these pictures from one of my recent destination wedding bride who used my clay stephanotis wedding bouquet with turquoise blue ribbon for her destination wedding on a beach!
stephanotis wedding bouquet

stephanotis wedding bouquet destination wedding

stephanotis wedding bouquet clay
These bouquets are just perfect for destination weddings!

New creations for 2011

Have been trying to create new stuff for the 2011 season and here is one of them.I had gone to NY botanical garden last year and fell in love with the japanese peonies there I had promised myself I will try to make them but never got down to doing them.Finally after a lot of effort I got one style down.

Designs and photos of the flowers are sole properties of ©stjudescreations.

japanese peonies

flower girl ball hot pink peony and stephanotis garden wedding

I had made this flower girl ball this a month ago but never got down to posting it.The ball is like a cute pomander but is all covered with gorgeous leaves and has a loop handle to it.The top part has 2 hot pink peonies and has stephanotis dotted around the side all resting is moss.Would be great display piece at home too after the wedding!
pomander flower girl

wedding ball hot pink

You can buy the flower girl pomander ball here

cake topper birds nest

I had some left over forget me nots so I revamped my gardenia topper.The bird nest wedding cake topper has mini gardenias,mini pink paper flowers and lavender forget me nots. It looks absolutely gorgeous so grab it as it is going to fly off for sure.You can buy it here

You can order a small bunch of forget me nots for the cake like a single camelia.

lavender cake topper forget me not garden wedding

I had a order for a forget me not bird's nest cake topper.The bride had seen this and wanted it in lavender.The topper has dozens of teeny handcrafted forget me nots and some white fillers.

large flowers for a hat for kentucky derby!

Had an order for my huge paper flower for a hat going to be used for the kentucky derby! just tried it on my dummy for fun!

camelia clay cake flower gumpaste or sugar flowers alternative samplers

I had a camelia cake flower set in clay to finish.They are great sugar flower or gumpaste alternatives and can be displayed at home long after the event too!

camelias sugar flower alternative
wedding ckae camelias

I am behind on all order as I have not been well.The weather has been crazy here in New Englnad one day being 73 and this week we have snow outside.

camelia cake flower samplers

I made some camellias don't know which direction to go in frilly or not frilly edges?:-)

holy communion wreath tiara or flower girls wreath

I had an holy communion order that is way past overdue in mailing out for my cousins niece! This is fist attempt at one.My mother and sister are great experts at this and I do remember my mother often making them even while I was young so I had a some idea on how to do and after several "discussions" here is what turned out.It not pretty easy if it needs to come out neat:-)

The wreath has mini gardenia and stephanotis with pearl centers and I added some stamen filler.I am debating to add more fillers or not? Teresa hope you like and thank you for your patience:-)I was not sure on the head measurement and so I added a ribbon tie on the back so you can adjust it according to the head measurement.

paper flower cake toppers

Sunny had ordered some paper cake flowers to go along with some large paper flowers.These are made from just white paper! She sent me a gorgeous wedding cake inspiration and I created my take on them -hope it did justice! It took a lot of reworking and hence the delay to figure things out as I have never thought of making them out of white paper so this was a exciting challenge -I am pretty thrilled on my new paper gardenias and the more contemporary paper flowers for this order! Hope you will sent me picture of them on the cake!

More pictures coming up on a Holy Communion wreath for my cousin!


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