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jlm couture 2010 spring collection fashion show featuring St Jude's Creations

Today I got the magazine that Tara at DixiePixel sent as it featured Jude's and Josh's wedding well to top that as I was flipping out my eyes virtually popped out to see the paper flowers I did for Richard in the magazine!!! - quickly did a search online and lo and behold here are the fashion show pictures up at Martha Stewart -there are lots more at the link!!!

These particular dresses are for the Alvina Valenta Spring Collection.The back drop was the same for most of their other designers! (Thank you Andrea for the correction!)

more at JLM Couture Collection at Martha Stewart

JLM Couture orders large paper flowers for display!!

It has been a hectic and stressful week here trying to meet a large order for some large paper flower from JLM Coutoure for thier showroom in Manhattan.

JLM couture has some gorgeous dresses for the brides check out their collection at JLM Couture

I was really pleased when Richard called and said he wanted to go ahead with the order for 42 large paper flowers!.These flower have a lot of time involved so initially I thought I will not make the deadline anyway everything worked out fine and the flowers came out very beautiful,it's going to be a very unique and extremely beautiful display.I am looking forward to the pictures from Richard de Jardins.

Ivory peonies

white stephanotis

The colors and the combination is looking so beautiful and very "couture"!!!

Thanks Richard!


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