Easy Paper Flower Topper Tutorial

It has been a busy and blessed season here and we have a wonderful tutorial from BlossomsAndPosies but before that  here are some eye candy for you of my Christmas gifts I gave this time.I tried to do handmade gifts.A gorgeous white peony and anemone arrangement laced with some succulents. 

A poppy based arrangements this time it is all artificial to match a poppy painting hanging in my uncle's room.Some Hair flowers for cousins..

Head on over to make this simple origami pointsettia gift topper inspired from my new book "How to Make 100 Paper Flowers". BlossomsAndPosies  won the challenge on TotallyTutorials  and created this flowers inspired from the Sunburst in the book!!! With 100 flowers to choose from I am sure you too will designing many new flowers with the book.

Happy Crafting!

Burlap Christmas Wreath Tutorial

With Christmas season "at the door" :-) I wanted to share with my readers this super easy Burlap Wreath that you could hang on your front door to impress your guests or add to your mantle to add a warmth to your room.

It has been snowing so heavily here and it looks like a very white Xmas here in New England so I could use all the warmth!

The wreath is so simple to make that within minutes you will have created a show stopping wreath.

Materials needed:
1.Flowers -you could always change  up the colors to suit the season  you could use paper flowers of course.
3.Burlap ribbon. If you don't have burlap try using any thick ribbon..
4. Berrries 
6.A round foam ring - use any ring that you can get a pin into..
7.No glue :-) This means once Xmas is over you can reuse it to transform it into another wreath.

Step 1. Take the end of the burlap ribbon and pin it onto the wreath form to anchor.Wind the ribbon around the wreath form twisting the ribbon each time to get fluffy effect. Dont wind too hard.At interval keep using the pin to secure to place making sure you pin  at back so the pin does not show.Wind till you get a finished ring.

Step 2:

Using the pins make a base for the flowers by pinning on the leaves.

Step 3:

Pin on the flowers by tucking the pin in between layers of the petal to hide the pin heads!!

Wind a wire onto to the berries.Make a hook of the pin and pin to attach to wreath. and you are set..

If you want change things up a bit here is another tutorial for a Christmas Wreath I did last year using the same form..

You could also take a look at all my other Paper Flowers Tutorials  inspired from my new book 

May the Blessings of Christmas be with all!

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Paper Flower Tutorial Craft Recap

I thought since the holidays are coming I would recap all the paper flower tutorials and other projects on my site which are inspired from my new book.

Paper Flower Tutorial Whimsical
crepe paper flowers

tissue paper flowers

Calla Lilly Crepe Paper Flowers

crepe paper flowers

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A giveaway for 2 blogger - How to Make 100 Paper Flowers signed book.

I have been busy working on some new tutorials :-) have exciting new crafts to share but for now I have collaborated with TotallyTutorials  to do a giveaway of TWO of my signed books.

The giveaway involves a challenge :-) (who doesn't love a challenge?)the readers needs to create flowers from the my new book and post one tutorial of any flower they created inspired from any of the 100 patterns offered! With 100 different patterns to inspire you it should be a breeze!

Interested in the challenge head on over here to apply for the spot! and Happy Crafting
crepe paper flower book
Crepe Paper Flower Book

With the Holidays upon us now you could be creating flowers  from the book to add to your home decor or even crafting handmade flowers as gifts for your loved ones! Keepin mind the book would be great gifting option to anyone who is crafty especially kids who like to craft!

Book reviews from Amazon..
"This is a very well written book. My wife and daughter jumped on it as soon as they saw it. There are a lot of beautiful flowers showing up around the house. My daughter won't put the book down. Great to see an 8 year old occupied in creativity. I love it."

"Maria is incredibly talented to conjure up a whole garden of blossoms from paper! The intricate details are spelled out simply. Even my eleven year old has been able to follow the step by step instructions as she cuts away every paper she sees in sight!

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial

Paper Flowers are so versatile that you could make virtually any craft from them.As I promised earlier here is the tutorial of How to Make a Paper Flower Wreath out of simple tissue paper. Easy to make it could become a great craft to do with your daughter or create one for your daughter for any event.Spruce it up and add your own ideas to it to create your own wreaths!

This tissue flower is included in my new book.I have added a slight variation step 3 to create a peony like flower.

Hope you will try this out at home! I created this set of 6 wreaths for my daughter CCD school saints fair.The kids looked so LOVELY together with all the wreaths that most of the moms were asking how I made them :-).Next week they are coming in for church wearing the flower wreaths!

1.Tissue Paper Set of 12 sheets - Michaels/craft store/pharmacys/Hallmark
2.Florist wire - Craft store
3.Crepe Paper - Green for leaves - you can use card stock to instead.

Step 1.
Cut set of 12 set of 4 inches squares keeping the tissue paper layered.

Step 2.
Accordion fold keeping all layers together. Detailed pictures can be found in my book
Tie together at the center with florist wire and round the edges with scissors.

Step 3.
Fluff the flower up by pulling the layers up pulling up till the center .Leave 3 layers.Trim the remaining unfluffed layer into petals by cutting on the accordion fold skipping 4.
Cut 2 leaves per flowers and glue to the back of each flower.

Step 4.
Use a 18 inch stem wire.Cut a long strip of crepe paper and wind onto the wire. Assemble the wreath by winding the individual blooms onto the wrapped wire.I had to add 7 to 8 flower per wreath.Twist the end to overlap to form ring!

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If you like this tutorial do be sure to check the others here

Happy Crafting!

Gardenia Forget me not arrangement

I wanted to experiment with some arrangements so here is the first of a set I am planning to do.

Three clay gardenias a white teacup which measures around 6 inches tall with 5 inches wide. It is listed on my Etsy site. I have been working on some new tutorials so keep watching the blog!

Paper Flower Wreath DIY

I had this project for my daughter's Sunday School to create a paper flower head wreath for the Saints project they are doing.Of course my daughter volunteered to do them..:-) so here I am trying to make 6 wreaths for this Sunday.The saint she chose was St Rose of Lima who is often pictured with a floral wreath on the her head.

Here is what I made and I hope to post a tutorial online of this so that it could be helpful for other CCD teachers or moms out there..:-)

Crepe Paper Flowers tutorial Calla Lilly on Sweet Living Magazine

A magazine to inspire and delight. Ideas and practical solutions for everyday living.Reduce household bills, save money with homemade cleaning products, create delicious meals for less, craft beautiful handmade gifts, plus DIYs for your home and garden the Sweet Living Magazine has everything! 

Jane has shared the paper calla lily from my book  so head on over to take a look at her magazine and the tutorial.

Keep watching as I will sharing some more of my paper flower tutorials with her.

Keeping with with the blue theme here are the latest products on my Etsy  so feel free to pin or share with any brides you know!

woodland garden wedding for next spring

Brides do have a theme for most weddings and one of the most sweet and popular wedding theme is having a woodland earthy rustic feel to the wedding.Some revolve around bird and I love the various bird toppers that most brides use for cakes.I had made these trio of bird topper for my Etsy shop which propelled me to search for  inspiration on woodland weddings.

Here are some of my picks for a woodland or bird themed garden wedding.

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Improvising on your craft skills

I am a huge fan of paper flowers of course which is why I wrote my book.. but I am a huge fan of flower arrangements and constantly drool over the fresh bouquets and arrangements that I see in magazines.

While making paper flowers I think we should think out of the box and try to mix and match ideas together. Here I have added clay flower to burgundy  bud roses along with green fillers.The arrangement is a gift for my aunt.

 The next arrangement is clay flowers that are mixed together with some artificial succulents which has been my weakness for a while. Check my pin board out for the succulents

You are welcome to pin them onto your  board - how much out of box are you going to think for your next craft project?

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Top 10 Suppliers for Craft Paper and Crepe Paper Supplies

As I have mentioned in my book there are various kind of paper that you use to make paper flowers.

I love to use recycled paper for many of my projects but there will be that project that would need the correct paper to make it perfect.

Here is the List of My Top Suppliers that you can rely on!

Crepe Paper Folds

crepe paper flower book dennison

1.Blumchen (NJ) has beautiful colors
2.AcMoore - has a wonderful section with the folds (for North East) no online store but.
3.Hobby Lobby - or West Coast
4.Castle in the Air - CA
5.Crepe Paper Store

Doublette crepe paper

Picture Credits - Castle in the Air

1.Blumchen (NJ)
2.Castle in the Air -CA

Florist Crepe Paper

1.Castle in the Air -CA
2.Paper Mart
3 . Carte Fini

Origami Paper 

2.Joann Fabrics
3.Ac Moore

Construction Paper

2.Joann Fabrics
3.Ac Moore

Scrapbooking Paper & Cardstock

2.Joann Fabrics
3.Ac Moore
4.Paper Source

Do you have a store that offers paper - would love to hear from you! Contact me via the contact form!

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Dress up your gift bags or great idea for scrapbookers

A small idea! My daughter wanted to dress up her brown paper bag for her project from school so we put our heads together with all the punches that we had on hand to decor it up.

See what can be achieved with white computer paper,heart punches and a brown paper bag.

Look for  heart punch camellia instructions in my new book.Vary it up with punched out leaves as stamens in the center as in the camellia. You have a new flower under your belt!  Would be great for scrapbooking and adding to a white Xmas handmade cards even. Decor it up!

Look for  the similar heart punch rose instructions in my book!

How to Make 100 Paper Flowers

Pleased to let you know that the book "How to Make 100 Paper Flowers"  is now available in these countries:
crepe paper flowers

crepe paper flowers

United States 
1.Barnes and Nobles or your local bookstore - enter your zipcode to check your local bookstore.
2.Your local US book store - enquire or look online 
4.Check in your local Library - if not most library are only too pleased to order it for you on request!

United Kingdom

1. www.homeshop.com - free shipping all over India

1.Asia Book House - free shipping in Thailand


navy blue birds nest cake topper and navy blue paper anemone

A great paper flower order and they match each other, the paper anemones have navy blue centers and the birds nest have navy blue forget me nots in them!


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