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Easy Paper Flower Topper Tutorial

It has been a busy and blessed season here and we have a wonderful tutorial from BlossomsAndPosies but before that  here are some eye candy for you of my Christmas gifts I gave this time.I tried to do handmade gifts.A gorgeous white peony and anemone arrangement laced with some succulents. 

A poppy based arrangements this time it is all artificial to match a poppy painting hanging in my uncle's room.Some Hair flowers for cousins..

Head on over to make this simple origami pointsettia gift topper inspired from my new book "How to Make 100 Paper Flowers". BlossomsAndPosies  won the challenge on TotallyTutorials  and created this flowers inspired from the Sunburst in the book!!! With 100 flowers to choose from I am sure you too will designing many new flowers with the book.

Happy Crafting!

floral arrangement or paper roses and peony in vintage milk glass

paper rose and peony floral arrangement is up at etsy!
Use stjudes10 for 10% discounts!

I created this arrangement with paper roses with pink edges ,handmade paper peonies and green fillwer.There are white handmade stephanotis with pearl centers interspered inbetween the arrangement.

The arrangement in made in a gorgeous vintage milk glass vase I found in New England where I live and measures 6 by 6.

fall paper flowerr arrangements for mediabrandww

Mediabrandsww had ordered fall paper flowers arrangements for their first anniversary
The order consists of fall colored flowers in a silver mint julep cup.
These vase could easily be used as centerpieces for a wedding and what great lasting giveaways they would be.

I was really down and I am up full speed - thank you all for your patience. I have been realy waiting to do Lee's order of a bouquet recreation so more coming up in the next post.

wedding centerpiece
fall arrangements

anemone arrangements!

An anemone order I did a while ago I had to keep under wraps since the bride wanted to surprise her relatives.

The anemone arrangments are made up of paper dahlias,fillers,and clay anemones.The bride wanted these for the rehersal dinner and wanted to gift them to her close relatives.

mother's day arrangement

I have been making a few arrangement for my home as guests are arriving from next week! My mother who taught me the art of flower making is going to be spending some time with me here! Anyway
I created this peonies arrangement for sale on etsy for Mother's Day.

The flowers rest in a gorgeous ceramic basket I picked up some time ago.It has 6 peonies in various shades of pink and green faux berries and green velvet leaves to accent it -it is pretty large and would be lovely for the kitchen or a coffee table.
It has clay stephanotis with pearl centers are fillers inbetween.

Poppy arrangement for ZEDO Inc AdTech

I had an order for an arrangement for ZEDO Inc.(my brother works there..) and he requested the flowers to be in thier logo colors- a lime green and orange and black combination It is for display in the ZEDO booth for the upcoming ADTECH.I sometimes do a bit of part time programming for them..

I chose orange anemone poppies,green orchids and added light orange mums,the arrangement has green leaf loops and fern curls.The arrangement is pretty large and such arrangements would look lovely even in the foyer of a house (custom color requests welcome!) It's been a while since I did any large arrangement -(my house is full of these and my mom and sister rotates them often)

red anemone floral arrangement

Here is an anemone arrangement I made quite a while and have been wanting to put up on etsy.

You can buy it here anemone floral arrangement

floral arrangement in clay -flowers

I have been trying to put up some items in my etsy to fill up so here is a new arrangement I made in clay for sale.

The arrangement has anemones and sweet peas with some fillers.Would be a lovely addition to your home or for a bridal shower or wedding.

You cna buy it here at Floral arrangement in clay

vase - floral arrangement large paper flowers

Lot of orders and so little time :-) wish the day was more longer :-) especially with 2 toddler's around.

Mean while here is a large paper flower I made for a an etsy order for orangaide,what a beauty it turned out to be.The beauty of these flower are that they can stand alone in a vase and still create an impact!! Ideal for brides on a budget.

see more pictures at my etsy store
Paper Flowers vase arrangement

New paper flowers arrangements

Here is a large arrangement I made for my son's first birthday.Blue,lavender,white anemones,white dahlias with blue and lavender filler hydrangeas! Would be gorgeous pieces for weddings!

paper mums arrangements

One of my customers asked me if I was able to make some mums for her.She requested them to be in a paper pot.I thought over it and created this for her.She runs a day care and wanted a child friendly arrangement.I can understand that very much having a 3 yr old and 1 yr old at home! :-) Would serve as a lovely centerpieces for a wedding too,would last forever and sure would fool some people.


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