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floral arrangement or paper roses and peony in vintage milk glass

paper rose and peony floral arrangement is up at etsy!
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I created this arrangement with paper roses with pink edges ,handmade paper peonies and green fillwer.There are white handmade stephanotis with pearl centers interspered inbetween the arrangement.

The arrangement in made in a gorgeous vintage milk glass vase I found in New England where I live and measures 6 by 6.

Chair back decoration for bride and groom paper flower peony for

I had series of small order to do which I need to get behind to get onto to my wedding order!..

Now here is one with a difference.Laya contacted me and asked if I could do her a bride and groom's chair decoration for her wedding.She had a Tiffany blue theme but wanted an ivory or silver color combination... After searching for silver tulle I finally gave up and we settled for white.

I added 2 ivory peonies and added a small branch and here is a beautiful chair-back decoration for the bride and groom's chair. There was small budget to work with but eventually it came out really pretty!

vase - floral arrangement large paper flowers

Lot of orders and so little time :-) wish the day was more longer :-) especially with 2 toddler's around.

Mean while here is a large paper flower I made for a an etsy order for orangaide,what a beauty it turned out to be.The beauty of these flower are that they can stand alone in a vase and still create an impact!! Ideal for brides on a budget.

see more pictures at my etsy store
Paper Flowers vase arrangement


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