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red paper roses first anniversary gift for rob

red christmas bouquet wedding
red rose bouquet
Rob's first anniversary is on the 26th
and first requested a bouquet recreation and due to the time limit finally decided on white calla lilies that were in his wife's bouquet and red roses that were on the cards.
This is how it turned out,
Hope you like it Rob

Btw we reached our 10th year anniversary on Sept 8th!

first wedding anniversary present

Paper being the first anniversary I often get many request for bouquet recreations.This one was made up of peonies,bells of ireland,and gardenias.

Hope this works for you Erik!
paper flowers

first anniversary paper flowers

first anniversary gift for Lee

Lee had ordered a first anniversary gift for his new bride and sent me these wonderful pictures of his lovely bride holding this gorgeous bouquet.

On close examinations I found it contained freesias,peonies,dahlias,orchids,roses.
I was thrilled to do this as most of the flowers are pretty new to me and I just fell in love with the combination and here is whhat I tried to make :-) hope I did justice to the bouquet.

Lee was absolutely patient as I had been sick and having ridculous issues with my eyes - I have been back up -anyway thank you so much for your patience and hope your wife will like it!

paper flowers
first anniversary gift

wedding paper flower bouquet

bouquet recreations samplers

A first anniversary gift - I have been behind and have a rocking cold thanks to the crazy weather here so things are going slow.

Here are some samplers for Lee of the bouquet that I am going to be tying soon.Some orchids are to be added and I am working on that.

fall paper flowerr arrangements for mediabrandww

Mediabrandsww had ordered fall paper flowers arrangements for their first anniversary
The order consists of fall colored flowers in a silver mint julep cup.
These vase could easily be used as centerpieces for a wedding and what great lasting giveaways they would be.

I was really down and I am up full speed - thank you all for your patience. I have been realy waiting to do Lee's order of a bouquet recreation so more coming up in the next post.

wedding centerpiece
fall arrangements

Bouquet recreations first anniversary

I am so soory for unreplied emails -I am concentrating on large wedding orders whose dates are looming close by - thank you for all your patience.

This one is one if for june 11th first anniversary that Al requested,the fillers are paper statice I made - a new flower on my list!

Here is picture he sent me of the wedding bouquet

FEEDBACK on this from AL,

Wanted to let you know that my wife LOVED the paper bouquet that you created. She actually thought it was a real flower bouquet when I first gave it to her. She has it proudly displayed in our home and tells everyone that comes over about it. I can’t tell you how many people have asked about where I got it from. I will most certainly pass along your contact information to everyone that asks.

Thank you so much for your work and creativity! You truly made my anniversary gift to her special and timeless! I am sure my wife will be enjoying the bouquet for many years to come.
Al Monaco IV"

First anniversary gift paper wedding bouquet recreation

Rob had ordered a wedding bouquet recreated in paper as a first anniversary gift!
He sent this picture of the wedding boquet and I loved the idea of recreating it..

Rob here is my bouquet recreation of it in paper! Hope I did the bouquet justice :-)

let me know if you like it!

First anniversary paper flowers

Jordan had ordered ivory peonies and ivory roses for their first anniversary gift on Oct 11th!

Here is the pictures!

Best Wishes and happy Anniversary!

paper first wedding anniversary gift

Roger has contacted me to make a bouquet for their first wedding anniversary on July 14Th! Here is the picture he sent me of the bouquet which has (after a good round of close exmination :-) of the picture ) sterling silver roses,calla Lillie's,hydrangeas,green mums and filler.

and here is my bouquet recreation!

I tried my best to recreate it and the bouquet has turned out really beautiful.Roger's wife is going to have a surprise of her life I think :-)

Now onto Nicole's order finally.

peony and roses

I am not allowed to elaborate on this order:-) This is just for someone to see the order and then this post goes away.

first anniversary paper flower bouquet for nick

An order for Nick,he wanted an all white bouquet with silver edgings!.The bouquet has 12 white roses and silver leaves and some twirls of wire with pearls in them.The stems are all silver wrapped!

Not a great day outside so it was cloudy the pictures dont show justice.

A dozen red paper rose order for Mike

A dozen red rose gift wrapped for Mike!

new valentine roses!


made a gorgeous bouquet of red roses!

Red rose bouquet

large paper flowers

I made some large paper flowers for a event for LA,
here are the picture of the flowers,they turned out gorgeous,
Large paper flowers

valentine's day's red roses

made some flowers for valentines days - red rosebuds and they do look wonderful!

red paper rosebuds
paper roses


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