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Paper anemones and fresh flowers!

Finally springs seems to have arrived here and it is feeling warmer! I am enthralled by the spring flowers of course. (I should be I guess!)

I have been working on some anemones for a bride who is planning to tie them into a bouquet.Gorgeous and so delicate I often admire the fresh anemone so much.I have been making them in all forms and sizes and colors for so long and so many times that I have lost count! They still remain my favorite.They are great for your black tie event.How to make the anemones are in my book too!

paper anemones flowers

Gorgeous anemone wedding bouquet.. 

Here are some ideas of a black and white wedding

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Easy Paper Flower Topper Tutorial

It has been a busy and blessed season here and we have a wonderful tutorial from BlossomsAndPosies but before that  here are some eye candy for you of my Christmas gifts I gave this time.I tried to do handmade gifts.A gorgeous white peony and anemone arrangement laced with some succulents. 

A poppy based arrangements this time it is all artificial to match a poppy painting hanging in my uncle's room.Some Hair flowers for cousins..

Head on over to make this simple origami pointsettia gift topper inspired from my new book "How to Make 100 Paper Flowers". BlossomsAndPosies  won the challenge on TotallyTutorials  and created this flowers inspired from the Sunburst in the book!!! With 100 flowers to choose from I am sure you too will designing many new flowers with the book.

Happy Crafting!

white and black wedding cake flowers anemone

White and black wedding cake anemone
I had another order for anemones that the bride booked very early,the bride wanted a more rustic kind of anemones and it was a really hard learning process trying to do it more rustic:-) after several tries I did my best and here is what transpired.

anemone cake

anemone gumpaste

anemone wedding flowers bouquet

A small order for Emily.

anemone cake flowers

New order for anemone cake flowers -the brides wanted them made in a different style than I usually do!

prom anemone wrist corsage and boutonnierre for scarlett

Anemone wedding bouquet paper flower bouquet

Sarah had ordered a anemone bouquet after she saw Christina's anemone wedding pictures
she has initially ordered pink but then switched to off white and here is what turned out.The flower have handmade green open stems and paper anemone leaves each hand cut as fillers she sent me a gorgeous anemone bouquet as inspiration.Small green berries pop inbetween the anemones.She also ordered for an anemone hair piece and a matching boutonierre. Her wedding is in a national park! Hope you like the picture and hope I did justice to the inspiration bouquet!

anemone wedding bouquet
anemone wedding bouquet


anemone board

2 items of mine are featured here the bout on the first row and the cake anemone in the last!

anemone inspiration via wedding resourse guide

Anemone cake flowers

Nikki had ordered my anemones and they have turned out so beautiful.Nikki I really hope you will sent me a picture of the cake!

There are 4 bridesmaids bouquets with 6 larger paper anemone flowers also with the order.

anemone hair flowers

Sorry for the sparse posts - many orders pending!

Here is an anemone order -the bride wanted anemone hair flower for herself and the bridesmaids and the anemone for the cake.Here is how they turned out.Clay anemone are so extremely painstaking to do and it took me quite a while to get these done!

hellebores bouquet

Kiara had ordered her wedding bouquet a few months ago and she requested hellebores,now this was my first time and it took me "quite" a while to get the idea on how make these gorgeous flowers!! The center are painstakingly made and it took me some time to get atleast close to the hellebores.. Her colors are purple and I have used all colors of purple on me plus handshaded some to get purple and burgundy tints on the flowers.
Some of the colors have not come quite clearily on this maybe becoz I shot it this eve..

The bridesmaids hold a mix of ivory and white paper roses,anemone and carnations.

More pictures from Sasha's order!

More pictures from sasha's anemone order.The mom's corsages are made up of 3 white anemones with black ribbon and some spotted guinea feathers and pearls.

The order had 2 large anemone toppers,and large grey flower with glittered edges for the flower girl.

Large paper flowers for Sasha

More pictures for Sasha! Just a portion of the ocean of flowers here!

anemone order for sasha

I have been so engrossed in a big order for Sasha that I have been WAY back in even replying to emails.Anyway I am almost done with the order and here is some pictures of it.The wedding is going to be a paper flower wedding!!!!

The guys get a anemone boutonierre seen here,

The bridesmaids have a dozen anemone bouquet,

The centerpieces consists of giant 8 inch black and white peonies and many many dozen of anemones!!!!


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