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Purple and lavender bridal bouquet dahlia ranunculus

I had an order for a white and shades of purple wedding bouquet.Charlotte wanted something like Tam's but wanted the colors reversed and here is how it turned out.I used white dahlia's,paler purple anemones,white anemones,purple ranunculus is double shades and of course the teeny forget me nots in lavender.The bouquet has purple berries interespersed in between finished off with a purple handle.The bride is making all the rest of the flowers in paper too! So it's going to be a paper wedding!!

purple wedding bouquet paper flowers

Hope the bride likes it

wedding picture

Tessa has ordered a petite purple dahlia bouquet and she just sent me this beautiful picture of the grom and the brides holding the bouquet!

Thank you Tessa!

stephanotis purple and lavendar wedding bouquet for Tam

I have been working on Tam's order as you can see.Tam is a wonderful bride I feel, she was very flexible (takes off a lot of pressure on my side) and so I felt this bouqet came out very very beautiful and I could choose what went well.

Tam had very very beautiful choices of orange berries,purples flowers and blue forget not,willows,stephanotis.Trust me I was thrilled to read her order enquiry and her combo and jumped right into it as I just knew the combinations was awesome!So Tam all credits to you!

For the purple flowers I chose were dahalias,clematis,ranunculus -one of the best paper dahlias I have ever made I feel.. and one of my best bouquets I have made in paper! I am sure Tam is going to get many Q's like "this is paper?" like I always do at home when guest come..The willow I used brown curly ones and by stroke of luck I saw purple berries -ha -what luck! just a perfect match for everything.

The grooms bout has orange berries,willows,stephanotis finished of with a sheer ribbon.I added a contrast tie of purple,just to add a pop.

The corsages have 3 stephanotis,willows,finsihed with 2 colored ribbons!

The bouts have berries and have the purple ties too!

Tam I really hope you will not forget to send me the pictures please..I would like to see how the flowers looked for the wedding for the design point of view.Pictures of the wedding helps a lot especially let me know what works and what does not.

purple corsages stephanotis

Wedding bouquet!

Tam here is the stephanotis corsages!

Anemone wedding order for Jessica

The entire order for Jessica consisted of a bridal bouquet of ivory and purple anemones and the 5 bridesmaids holds red anemones bouquets!.

The mothers have ivory corsages with a stitched ribbon bows,velvet leaves and feather fillers!

I would love to receive some pictures please!:-) It is murky and rainy day here..Not a great day for photography..

purple and ivory anemone wedding bouquet

Jessica had ordered for a purple and ivory anemone bouquet.
Here is the bouquet.The bouquet has a velvet ribbon handle and the pleated ribbon whihc she requested to be added.

new orange paper poppy and purple pansy for sample

a sample request from Connie McCoy set my creative juices running,she wanted to match a orange poppy she had and wanted purple centers,here is what I did for her a purple pansy and ornage and yellow poppy with purple centers.

just an update:
here is their feedback
'Thank you for the samples. We love them, they are just what we were looking for. You do fantastic work'


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