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red anemone floral arrangement

Here is an anemone arrangement I made quite a while and have been wanting to put up on etsy.

You can buy it here anemone floral arrangement

Finished up book signing centerpiece

Just finished this up for Sindy and going for shipping!
Added reindeer moss to the bottom -looks really lovely !!! like a mossy knoll buttefly garden in a book.

Table centerpiece arrangement - Sindy

Centerpiece for Sindy -a long overdue project I was working on - still is stuck on this one for the finer details as I cant seem to find the reindeer moss to finish off the base.

The arrangement is so big that I am struggling on ideas to mail this one.

Wedding table centerpieces -using paper flowers

I was just playing around with the flowers I created and here is another idea for a wedding table centerpiece! Just 4 large ivory flower on a tall vase with silver ribbons trailing down

Wedding centerpieces arrangement with hydrangeas and anemones

Wedding centerpieces with hydrangeas and anemones -A few days ago my floral arrangement got sold and I was very thrilled!

These arrangements can be custom designed as wedding centerpieces also with custom flowers!

I hoep to be making more! I am on order of gardenias,hope to be getting some pictures up soon!

Clay flowers for weddings

Clay flower!Here is a arrangement I made from a light air dried clay,the arrangement has white and purple clay anemone and blue hydrangeas.The flowers last long and are lightweight and does not break! Really gorgeous for wedding centerpieces.Why use flowers which wilt?These will be unique centerpieces and of course will be ever lasting memories of your wedding day.More value for your money!

paper mums arrangements

One of my customers asked me if I was able to make some mums for her.She requested them to be in a paper pot.I thought over it and created this for her.She runs a day care and wanted a child friendly arrangement.I can understand that very much having a 3 yr old and 1 yr old at home! :-) Would serve as a lovely centerpieces for a wedding too,would last forever and sure would fool some people.


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