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Turquoise blue wedding destination wedding bouquet beach cruise wedding

I had an order a while back for a stephanotis bouquet.The brides is having a destination cruise wedding and the wedding ceremony is going to be on a beach! The bride opted for naturally a turquoise blue ribbon wrap.The stephanotis wedding bouquet are so versatile and amazingly sturdy and they are just perfect for a destination wedding and what more you get to keep it after the wedding and display it at home.The bridesmaids to get amazing keepsakes of the the day unlike fresh flowers.The brides ordered gardenia hair flowers too for the 3 of them and the groom and father get a stephanotis boutonierre.

IThe flowers are looking quite pretty and I cant hardly wait to get pictures back from the wedding :-)

These flowers are soo time consumingly handcrafted (no cutter etc!) and sometimes teach you a lesson on patience:-)


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