Winter wedding bouquet with twigs in clay ranunculus,hydrangea,stephanotis

My final bouquet before I leave in few days for a 2 month vacation!

The bride wanted twigs in them as their theme revolves around trees and here is what I did hope you like it Danielle,

Clay wedding bouquet

I have been out of the blogging world a bit:-)

Here is bouquet I made of stephanotis in ivory.The wedding is on May 2012,the beauty of these are they last so long that they can be ordered so much ahead.

We will be closed from Dec 19th to Feb19 th
.However booking are now open for Feb onwards.Please keep in mind I do get booked ahead.Due to the handmade nature of my flowers please book your orders early.

Thank you for your inquiries,I will be getting back to everyone this weekend for sure.
Thank you for your patience!

camelia wedding cake picture

Camelia wedding cake pictures back from a summer wedding! thank you so much for senting them -they made my day:-)

"Thanks again! (FYI ... we are still enjoying our camellias that we've placed in our china cabinet)"

wedding ckae camelias

Maclain Benton
Debbie Browne

white and black wedding cake flowers anemone

White and black wedding cake anemone
I had another order for anemones that the bride booked very early,the bride wanted a more rustic kind of anemones and it was a really hard learning process trying to do it more rustic:-) after several tries I did my best and here is what transpired.

anemone cake

anemone gumpaste

royal blue bird nest wedding cake topper woodland rustic garden

Here is a cake topper with 2 birds in handmade nest.This is for a wedding anniversary cake in canary yellow with royal blue bow so the client ordered for deep royal blue handmade roses.I added few sprigs of yellow.

southern magnolia wedding cake sugar flower gumpaste alternative

southern magnolia wedding cake sugar flower gumpaste alternative
I have been updating my wesbite and have added my the southern magnolias to it
Do check out southern magnolia wedding cake sugar flower gumpaste alternative for it
magnolia southern wedding cake gumpaste sugar

"The magnolias you made for my wedding cake are probably my favorite detail from our wedding day--- they are stunning... I know I will have them forever. I gave one to my mother in a shadow box as a thank you for making my day so wonderful, and I will be giving one to my mother-in-law in a shadow box for her birthday... They makes such sentinmental gifts, as they once graced the top of our wedding cake :) The other blooms are now prominently placed in my china cabinet for everyone to see and enjoy... They make me smile!" -Heather

red paper roses first anniversary gift for rob

red christmas bouquet wedding
red rose bouquet
Rob's first anniversary is on the 26th
and first requested a bouquet recreation and due to the time limit finally decided on white calla lilies that were in his wife's bouquet and red roses that were on the cards.
This is how it turned out,
Hope you like it Rob

Btw we reached our 10th year anniversary on Sept 8th!

creative DIY ways for wedding aisle pew decorations paper flower

creative DIY ways for wedding aisle decorations paper flower!I just saw the large paper flowers that I made in action in the wedding pews.The brides had wanted varied colors of green and white.
For more see -wedding aisle pew decorations

stjudescreations online site up!

New! Now you can buy selected items via stjudescreations.comI am going to be adding more items soon!

oversized paper flowers

I was playing around with the large oversized paper flowers and did some in several hues in hot pink and burgundy.I loved how the burgundy turned out.
mexican paper flowers chanel
large paper flowers chanel

If you like this you would love my new book now on Amazon "How to make 100 Paper Flowers" 
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anemone wedding flowers bouquet

A small order for Emily.

pottery barn girls room paper flowers brianna bedding

brianna pottery barn bedding
girls room decor

paper flower hot pink and gold

I have been taking a break on blogging for a while due to some projects I was on anyway I am open for any orders now.

I had new orders for the pottery barn brianna inpspired flowers and the client wanted hot pinks in it.Here is a quick shot of it.Also new are the hot pink and gold paper flowers I have recently made!

inspiration from here

sorry for all unreplied emails again.My inbox is full of unreplied emails that I will get down to eventually(sorry!)
I will not taking any order till august end.
Anything after that I will get back to you in a weeks time after the current rush is over.

order status

I am sorry for all unreplied emails..I am trying to finish off all booked orders on hand..
I will be replying to all emails and enquires this weekend,

first wedding anniversary present

Paper being the first anniversary I often get many request for bouquet recreations.This one was made up of peonies,bells of ireland,and gardenias.

Hope this works for you Erik!
paper flowers

first anniversary paper flowers

anemone cake flowers

New order for anemone cake flowers -the brides wanted them made in a different style than I usually do!

Purple and lavender bridal bouquet dahlia ranunculus

I had an order for a white and shades of purple wedding bouquet.Charlotte wanted something like Tam's but wanted the colors reversed and here is how it turned out.I used white dahlia's,paler purple anemones,white anemones,purple ranunculus is double shades and of course the teeny forget me nots in lavender.The bouquet has purple berries interespersed in between finished off with a purple handle.The bride is making all the rest of the flowers in paper too! So it's going to be a paper wedding!!

purple wedding bouquet paper flowers

Hope the bride likes it

wedding backdrop flowers

I have been busy with projects...and juggling orders so sorry for any unreplied emails I will be replying to it all this weekend! If I have not replied by Sat please resend emails -I may have missed them.A client wanted paper flowers in one feet and 8 inches for a close up wedding.Here is how they turned out.I had a chance to arrange them on a backdrop I had I made it into a swag shape and it looked good!

paper flower wedding wall

leather chanel camelia inspired paper flowers

I have been quite smitten by the leather camelia's of chanel for a long time and was pretty interested to do a camelia in paper.After several tries I got something close to it..Here is my version in ivory.

chanel camelia inspired leather

paper flower wall

The flowers are roses,camelias and lilies.

Glamelia Wedding Bouquet

Glamelia's date back to the 40 & 50's. Designing a glamelia is old school artistry. They are handmade from invidividual rose petals or other flower petals and crafted to look like one large bloom. The design can be tedious and time consuming but make for beautiful bouquets or corsages.

When a bride whose wedding is in Mexico ordered one I was totally thrilled I had done these in a different style for another bride a long time ago this time the order was in ivory and the brides wanted a different style.The flower measure more than 8 inches across!

Fresh Glamelia's are notorious for not lasting at all after the wedding but this one in paper would be a great keepsake after the wedding!

glamelia wedding bouquet

Inspiration picture below:

Gardenia wrist corsage for mothers

gardenia wrist corsage

Pottery Barn inspired wall paper flowers kids room decor catalog


Pottery Barn inspired wall flowers for kids room as decor.Inspired from the pottery barn kids catalog.

The flower feature shades of pink and ivory.


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