Christi and Chad - SweetPea Photography - Wedding Pictures

Christi and Chad wedding pictures are posted on thier blog here Sweetpea Photography in Boiling Springs,PA.Check them out there great pictures and be sure to check them out if you are in the area.

Christi used a clay anemone bouquet and Chad wears a clay anemone boutonierre.The ushers and the dad's wore a paper anemone boutonierre and the mother hold a paper anemone bouquets!

Photo credits Sweetpea Photography

celeste wedding -all yellow wedding boutonierres

Here are all the 7 ushers boutonnieres! A yellow rose and a stephanotis.The order is progressing well! I love yellow!

non traditional flowers for weddings

I loved how this shot came out!!! Maybe a front pager on my website?

Hot pink peonies,yellow,blue,turquiose blue roses and orange poppies.

order for ngellaphotoart

Another order I am on:-) Great flowers! Hot pink peonies,ice blue roses and orange poppies

Wedding flower for Celeste

I am bit behind schedule here -my gardenias are selling out so I needed to make some..

I am working on a lovely order from Celeste for her wedding,her colors are tones of yellow.

I tried out one usher's boutonierre and here is what I created a buttercup colored yellow rose with a single crystal encrusted stephanotis.The stem has a gold thread wound on it to create a nice dimension.I am wondering if I should use the brighter yellow or the lighter yellow...

Lot or order to cover.Hope the memorial day weekend was great! I got back some picture from Christi's wedding (anemone bouquet) and am very happy to see the pictures,so more pictures of another great couple coming up so stay tuned!

gardenia wedding cake flower in clay for Ceci

I have been many a times requested to make the gardenias again and again and the picture my clients sent me is this one

Now here are the flower made for Ceci.The flower look absolutely delightful! there is 4 inch gardenias and one 3 inch one.I didn't get enough time to make the third layer of the dummy cake but the flower would just look even more lovelier on mor tiers!!!

If you like this to order please email me at or look up my listing on etsy at white gardenia wedding cake

paper flowers for ekaminsk

This for Emily!


first anniversary paper flower bouquet for nick

An order for Nick,he wanted an all white bouquet with silver edgings!.The bouquet has 12 white roses and silver leaves and some twirls of wire with pearls in them.The stems are all silver wrapped!

Not a great day outside so it was cloudy the pictures dont show justice.

floral arrangement in clay -flowers

I have been trying to put up some items in my etsy to fill up so here is a new arrangement I made in clay for sale.

The arrangement has anemones and sweet peas with some fillers.Would be a lovely addition to your home or for a bridal shower or wedding.

You cna buy it here at Floral arrangement in clay

Bird woodland theme wedding boutonierre

I was particularly fascinated by a woodland themed / birds wedding.I always wanted to make a small boutonniere with a bird in it and when I chanced upon this super cute bird I just had to buy it! I had stashed it for a long time and so I took break from my orders and just on the spur made this boutonniere for me to admire :-) then I thought I should just list it on etsy as my etsy is sadly lacking any items to buy. It will be sad day to part with this one :-)

You see the listing here Cute bird wedding boutonierre

I made another bird boutonierres - love my cute birds!

Check it out here woodland wedding bird boutonierre

Anemone wedding boutonierre for Christi

Cake flowers!

Big day today to get everything of packing and shipping orders.Just thought I should post the awesome boutonniere for Christi.I has an anemone and a sweet pea and a tendril! Anemones are not hardy to be used as boutonnieres so generally florists ask the bride to go for an artificial anemone boutonniere - clay anemone are a very good option and is a great keepsake of the special day.

DixiePixel - Jude and Josh's wedding using paper flowers!

Dixie Pixel is photographic company located in TN…awesome pictures taken by them for Jude's wedding was featured in March.Well by a stroke of luck I chanced upon the page of the wedding via DixiePixel and literally was rooted to my seat to see the flowers I made starring :-) Loved the bridesmaids flowers turned out! The wedding was mentioned on the Snippet and Ink blog too :-)

Do stop by at Dixie Pixel to see their amazing pictures,

Photo Credits: DixiePixel
She hold a bouquet of DIY paper flower with some of my flowers mixed in.The brides hold the single large bridal flower we make for bridesmaids and flower girls.

Wedding pictures galore!

I am ridiculously happy today :-)I was just browsing the inbound links and I got a big shocker today ,the pictures I did for Jude's wedding!!!

The photos are via their photographic company DixiePixel what gorgeous pictures!

Lots more to come!! You can view the pictures here Josh and Jude's wedding using St Jude's paper Flowers
The wedding is featured on the !!!! aha!

Pink anemone wedding bouquet for Christi.

I just finished up the pink anemone bouquet for Christi in clay,it islooking very beautiful.The bouquet has different shades of pink anemones and pink sweet peas as filer just as the bouquet Christi had requested,it is cinched with a black velvet ribbon which adds a real touch of elegance.I found a peice of heirloom lace and I just thought I should be adding that too!!

Anemones are very delicate flowers and have to be shipped in from Holland and will burn a big hole in pocket,clay bouquets are a cost effective option and of course will be a hierloom to pass down of you special day.

For order enquiries please email me at

Bridal hair flower in white for the wedding gardenia

Here are some more picture I took of the bridal flowers for Paula ,it was looking soo good that I had to take these pcitures of them together.

I have relisted the Wedding cake topper on Etsy

The wedding hair flowers are also listed on my etsy site!

wedding Bouquet in progress for Christi

An anemone bouquet in clay in progress


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