Hair Flowers for wedding

A bride requested some paper hair flowers for her wedding,she sent me this picture of a peach poppy and asked me if I could make something like that.Here is what I came up with.The paper is handshaded with stamens in the center.

Would look lovely on 6 gorgeous bridesmaids!!!

Something Blue Wedding Bouquet

Something Blue wedding bouquet of white roses and forget me nots,here are more pictures with the finished handle! I have now to get it ready and get ontoto my next order of peach hair flowers for another brides.

It's getting to be super busy here with all the snow that's heaping up here in the East Coast and everyone being at home all the time!!!.

Forget me not flowers and white roses in DECOclay for wedding bouquet

I had a order from a Canadian brides a few weeks ago for a blue forget me not flowers and white roses wedding bouquet and boutonierre I made them in floral clay.
forget me not flowers and roses wedding bouquetHere are the pictures!The bouquet had 2 dozen white roses and blue forget me nots which took more time than I estimated as each flower is soo tiny and detailed.Anyway it turned out really well.The grooms boutonieere has a rose and blue forget me nots and some spotted feathers and a velvet leaves to add a touch of whimsy to it!
grooms boutounierre forget me not

Thank you Laura for your order,this bouquet will last as an everlasting memory of your wedding day.If you need something similiar/customized to your taste please do email me at

Feedback I got back from her!
Thank you so much - the flowers are so beautiful! I can't wait to have them in our wedding and display them afterwards - I really appreciate all your time and effort making sure the flowers just the way I wanted them to - I'll send you a picture after the wedding in July!

Anemone Wedding Cake Topper

I have been requested many times to make anemones for brides.Anemones wedding cakes are the latest now in the bridal scene and I have about 3 bookings this spring for bridal bouquets with them and anemone wedding cake topper.I am really looking forward in making them.Here is the picture I think about 5 brides have forwarded me a very nicely decorated set of cakes.

Today I had an urgent request from a bride's wedding coordinator whose baker suddenly stood up on them and she asked if I could do a large anemone flower for the brides cakes.Th flower would be the only flower atop the cake and lo and behold she forwarded me the same picture! I thought I would give it a try in decorative clay and here is the result
anemonecake Mind you the flower is 5 to 6 inches across!

anemone cake

I liked the idea very much especially for a bride on a budget! I think I need to find a cake "form" from somewhere to take pictures of flowers atop it.Right now my simple paper box will have to do:-)

Here is my listing for it Anemone cake


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