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paper calla lilies lily

I had 2 order for paper calla lilies and wow they have come out awesome.Fabiola ordered for orange and ivory paper calla lilles and Wayne ordered for white calla lillies.

Thanks you for your orders!

Calla lillies and orchids in paper for Helen

Helen had placed her order last year and I thought I should be doing this one first.She initially ordered green orchids then thought white would be better -so here is her order 4 doz white orchids and 1 1/2 doz calla lilies.The orchids took up a looong time for me to do - I am going to be retiring the orchids as they take up too much of time - maybe small orders will be taken up (lol)

Table arrangements as centerpieces for weddings and parties roses,lillies and daisies.

Here are a few table arrangements I thought I should post about : My family as you know are all creative (my sister and my mother,my aunts)
Now here is a collection of arrangements we have around our house so you can have an idea of the atmosphere we grew up in.

This is an arrangement of red paper roses and gerber daisies!

Another arrangement of peach roses and paper lillies
My house was always filled with gorgeous arrangements like these which we used to change on a regular basis!

Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Calla Lillies

I made the crepe paper calla lillies for the 3 bridesmaids and was pretty pleased with the outcome.All in all the crepe paper lillies presented the greatest challenge anyway it brought back m long forgotton painting skills.The calla lillies are all handpainted and look just exquisite!


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