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Pink dahlia flowers for Katie's wedding bouquet

Here are the flowers I am going to be tying into the wedding bouquet!

A Beautiful Handmade Wedding!

Courtney had ordered a paper flower bouquet in Sept.She has a very very lovely blog at CK and Tay showcasing all her handmade DIY projects.She is one of the most "talented" bride I have ever seen! I happen to browse by and chanced on the wedding photos via thier wonderful photographer Jenna and a wedding video!!! check out the wedding bouuqet in the video and check out the song the groom sang for the bride -lovely -how much more can you ask?

The perfect handmade wedding -both of them are musicians.So they gave each guest a hand embossed CD with their music!

The bride and groom were married under a handmade chuppah!

Paper flowers on the cake..

The bride made the headress as well as the shoes!! What more can you ask for!

Here is some eye candy for you!

Pew Flowers for Destination Weddings

I been a white since I blogged since I was totally indundated with orders...
One was for a ivory large paper flowers for Andrea.She wanted to use the large paper flower as pew flowers! What a lovely idea.Since the flowers are 8 inch across they definitely would create an impact in the church.She wanted them edged green to match her wedding theme.I took the picture unfortunately before I shaded them so here is the unshaded ivory flowers! What a beauty.

A simple crepe paper bow would match it perfectly but if you wnat to give it more of a decorative touch a few greenswould work very well

large paper flowers

I made some large paper flowers for a event for LA,
here are the picture of the flowers,they turned out gorgeous,
Large paper flowers


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