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Anemone wedding bouquet red paper flower poppies

I was "pretty thrilled" to see the wedding pictures of the anemone wedding bouquet I had made for Christina who was so gracious to sent me these.

Valo Photography has done a awesome job on this!

Wow how beautiful does Christina look???,the wedding used lots of handmade elements!
Love how the red pops out in all the pictures

The flower girl held a small purse into which Christina placed the loose flowers.

The close ups!
Very happy day! More pictures to come to stay tuned on other wedding cakes.These pictures would not be possible so a big thank you for the wonderful photographic skills of
Valo Photography Do check them out if you are planning a wedding.

red anemone wedding bouquet

Christina had ordered the red anemone for her wedding bouquet as well as white for the bridesmaids.

It's turned out lovely,my photographic skills are not that great and for that the pictures look quite fabulous -I can't even image what a professionals might look like :-) (hope christina will sent me some)

(update check out the pictures at anemone wedding bouquets paper


The red really pops out and the nice stems was a very good decision I think.Just make the bouquet so much elegant.

The bridesmaids hold white anemones with a nice blue wrap with criss crossed ribbon.

For the wedding pictures see


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