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A Forget Me Not Memorial Rememberance

The Forget-Me-Not flower is a favorite wild flower of many; however, this small, blue flower has been a symbol of both love and hope, they are often ordered for a  memorial or wedding as seeds packets

I had an order as it my client's father memorial function, (having been through one for my brother myself)  as her father loved the forget me nots.

Along with it I created a tiny arrangement of gardenia's with some remaining forget me nots in a deep blue mini bottle for my etsy shop,with Mother's Day fast approaching you could order it for your Mom!

memorial forget me not seeds

memorial forget me not

FORGET ME NOT gift mother's day

memorial forget me not mother's day

Leaving you with this song that I love..

God be with you till we meet again; 
When life’s perils thick confound you;
Put His arms unfailing round you; 
God be with you till we meet again. 

God be with you till we meet again; 
Of His promises remind you; 
For life’s upper garner bind you;
God be with you till we meet again. 

God be with you till we meet again;
Sicknesses and sorrows taking, 
Never leaving or forsaking; 
God be with you till we meet again.

God be with you till we meet again; 
Keep love’s banner floating o’er you, 
Strike death’s threatening wave before you; 
God be with you till we meet again. 

God be with you till we meet again; 
Ended when for you earth’s story, 
Israel’s chariot sweep to glory; 
God be with you till we meet again.

Blue Forget me nots and white roses wedding bouquet everlasting in clay

Laura's order for a forget me not and white roses wedding bouquet.She ordered two boutonierres and two corsages in the same theme.

I am late on this ,thank you for your patience!

forge me not silk flowers alternative cake topper

A forget me not topper that is always so cute! They forget me not are very painstaking to do and take hours to make.The woodland birds are my favorites sitting in a handmade nest. A great topper for a wedding,sure to be a attraction!
cake topper birds
forget me nots silk

lavender cake topper forget me not garden wedding

I had a order for a forget me not bird's nest cake topper.The bride had seen this and wanted it in lavender.The topper has dozens of teeny handcrafted forget me nots and some white fillers.

Handmade Forget me nots wedding cake topper bird nest in blue

forget me not
I used some my all time favorite forget me nots -(the flowers are so intricately made that it take loads of time to finish them) in my bird nest (which btw is also handmade) for a blue wedding cake topper.This would be gorgeous a top a cake for a garden wedding! Seprate bunches of forget me nots can be ordered.What more I can totally see this resting somewhere special after the wedding as lasting memories of the day!

forget me nots
Forget me not wedding cake topper! I have been in a bit of creative splurges :-) and guilty of having not concentrated on my "to do" orders - anyway here is what I have created lately.

beach wedding bouquet of shells, forget-me-nots and dahlias

Debrah had ordered a beach wedding theme bouquet she smentioned she liked the pink dahlias on the blog but wanted a blue theme to it,so I suggested white crepe paper dahlias,blue clay forget me nots with blue centers,shell and pearl fillers.The pearly white shells looked quite nice as the fillers!

Here is how the bouquet has turned out..
beach theme wedding bouquet
forgetmenots wedding bouquet
blue wedding bouquet

forget me nots and roses wedding bouquet for alana

It was forget me nots week here at St Jude's Creations,the forget me nots take such a lot of time to make that I forgot how long it actually takes:-) as each flower so intricately and painstakingly made and tiny...but really really breathtaking to see together!

Alana had seen this forget me nots wedding bouquet and wanted a similiar one but she wanted the roses in purple..

The bouquets measure around 8inches across full of forget me nots!
forget me nots
forget me nots
forget me nots

blue forget me not and roses pettite wedding bouquet

Jennifer contacted and asked for petite version of my forget me not bouquet -what a stunner this one is :-)

Forget me not flowers and white roses in DECOclay for wedding bouquet

I had a order from a Canadian brides a few weeks ago for a blue forget me not flowers and white roses wedding bouquet and boutonierre I made them in floral clay.
forget me not flowers and roses wedding bouquetHere are the pictures!The bouquet had 2 dozen white roses and blue forget me nots which took more time than I estimated as each flower is soo tiny and detailed.Anyway it turned out really well.The grooms boutonieere has a rose and blue forget me nots and some spotted feathers and a velvet leaves to add a touch of whimsy to it!
grooms boutounierre forget me not

Thank you Laura for your order,this bouquet will last as an everlasting memory of your wedding day.If you need something similiar/customized to your taste please do email me at

Feedback I got back from her!
Thank you so much - the flowers are so beautiful! I can't wait to have them in our wedding and display them afterwards - I really appreciate all your time and effort making sure the flowers just the way I wanted them to - I'll send you a picture after the wedding in July!


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