hellebores bouquet

Kiara had ordered her wedding bouquet a few months ago and she requested hellebores,now this was my first time and it took me "quite" a while to get the idea on how make these gorgeous flowers!! The center are painstakingly made and it took me some time to get atleast close to the hellebores.. Her colors are purple and I have used all colors of purple on me plus handshaded some to get purple and burgundy tints on the flowers.
Some of the colors have not come quite clearily on this maybe becoz I shot it this eve..

The bridesmaids hold a mix of ivory and white paper roses,anemone and carnations.

everlasting tulip clay wedding bouquet

Natalie's wedding order of a tulip wedding bouquet is finally over.Here is the final pictures of the bouquet with boutonierres for the dads.The mothers get these wonderful beaded wristlets with gorgeous ranunculus and hydrangeas in them,they will be a wonderful keepsake of the wedding as the clay flowers last a very very long time.The groom gets a ranunculus and stephanotis boutonierre with a leaf.

Natalie I hope you will sent me pictures of the day!

tulip and ranunculus clay bridal bouquet

Natalie had ordered a tulip wedding bouuqet for her wedding in Sept (I have 2 brides having the same wedding date!!) Here are the progress pictures for Natalie.
The bouquet has these white tulips whose centers are painstaking made!!It has green
hydrangeas,offwhite ranunculus and white stephanotis with pearl centers.

I am debating if I need to add the leaves or not?

I am receiving many enquiries to which I am unable to reply to ,I am head over heels in work trying to finish up everything as fast as my hand can make them :-) and make them as beautiful as I can.

Sept is like crazy here that I sometime miss replying to emails -thank you for all your patience!I am not taking any new orders for upto OCT middle until all the current orders are out the door,anything after that in NOV,DEC onwards please convo me or email me.hyranges

More pictures from Sasha's order!

More pictures from sasha's anemone order.The mom's corsages are made up of 3 white anemones with black ribbon and some spotted guinea feathers and pearls.

The order had 2 large anemone toppers,and large grey flower with glittered edges for the flower girl.

Large paper flowers for Sasha

More pictures for Sasha! Just a portion of the ocean of flowers here!

anemone order for sasha

I have been so engrossed in a big order for Sasha that I have been WAY back in even replying to emails.Anyway I am almost done with the order and here is some pictures of it.The wedding is going to be a paper flower wedding!!!!

The guys get a anemone boutonierre seen here,

The bridesmaids have a dozen anemone bouquet,

The centerpieces consists of giant 8 inch black and white peonies and many many dozen of anemones!!!!


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