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red paper roses first anniversary gift for rob

red christmas bouquet wedding
red rose bouquet
Rob's first anniversary is on the 26th
and first requested a bouquet recreation and due to the time limit finally decided on white calla lilies that were in his wife's bouquet and red roses that were on the cards.
This is how it turned out,
Hope you like it Rob

Btw we reached our 10th year anniversary on Sept 8th!

forget me nots and roses wedding bouquet for alana

It was forget me nots week here at St Jude's Creations,the forget me nots take such a lot of time to make that I forgot how long it actually takes:-) as each flower so intricately and painstakingly made and tiny...but really really breathtaking to see together!

Alana had seen this forget me nots wedding bouquet and wanted a similiar one but she wanted the roses in purple..

The bouquets measure around 8inches across full of forget me nots!
forget me nots
forget me nots
forget me nots

composite wedding bouquet large flowers

Composite wedding bouquet are well sought after nowadays and has been featured in the birdal magazines again - a new revival of the old victorian tradition.What a coincidence that last Spring I made one in white! Sarah had ordered these large hot pink flowers and here is what I made for her.

The order has 2 5 inches flower girls flowers -4 bridesmaids at 6 to 7 inches and Sarahs is at 8 inches.She is think ing of adding fresh leaves to it once close to her wedding date.

The bouquets have satin wrap on the handmade handle.
These flowers took me a "ridiculous" amount of time just due to the fact that I added just LOTS of petals for the wow factor!

The matching hair flower

hot pink roses bridesmaids bouquets for Kristy

Kristy had placed a order last year for hot pink roses for her bridesmaids-wow how beautiful it has turned out,I added the clay stem to create a handtied look and added hot pink organza riibon weaves on the stems finished off with pearl pins,the bouts for the guys are golden rod yellow all finished off in off ribbon

hot pink rose wedding bouquet

hot pink rose wedding bouquet

Would love to get pictures Kristy!

Jude's wedding with St Jude's paper flowers!

A few weeks ago a client came to me with a special name! Jude! I was really happy to hear the same name as my name and well as my business name which is named after St Jude the great patron of hopeless cases. I have had great favors that were received from my patron saint :-) hence in thanksgiving I named my business after him.

Anyway Jude has ordered flower for the entire wedding in white a and whisper pink,the pictures are following.
The peonies in whisper pink!

My house is in a riot of colors and is looking so beautiful with nancy's extra order of orange and yellow poppies and Jude's order.

The bridesmaids are going to be holding single large paper blooms in white
while the bride is going to be holding a whisper pink peony which is what I will be tackling next.

Table arrangements as centerpieces for weddings and parties roses,lillies and daisies.

Here are a few table arrangements I thought I should post about : My family as you know are all creative (my sister and my mother,my aunts)
Now here is a collection of arrangements we have around our house so you can have an idea of the atmosphere we grew up in.

This is an arrangement of red paper roses and gerber daisies!

Another arrangement of peach roses and paper lillies
My house was always filled with gorgeous arrangements like these which we used to change on a regular basis!

Paper Flowers

paper roses

Here are some large paper roses I make and sell through my etsy site.The flowers have 40 petals and and are 8 inches large and are made from paper.There are many colors available.They can be place in vases and would look good in the aisles for weddings,for chairbacks or a as a gift for your loved one,

Here is a listing from where you can buy the paper rose

Please do browse my site at Paper Roses for more of my work!


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