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New creations for 2011

Have been trying to create new stuff for the 2011 season and here is one of them.I had gone to NY botanical garden last year and fell in love with the japanese peonies there I had promised myself I will try to make them but never got down to doing them.Finally after a lot of effort I got one style down.

Designs and photos of the flowers are sole properties of ©stjudescreations.

japanese peonies

cake topper birds nest

I had some left over forget me nots so I revamped my gardenia topper.The bird nest wedding cake topper has mini gardenias,mini pink paper flowers and lavender forget me nots. It looks absolutely gorgeous so grab it as it is going to fly off for sure.You can buy it here

You can order a small bunch of forget me nots for the cake like a single camelia.

Orange blossoms vintage wedding cake

I have been busy with a quick turn around order that Magnolia Bay Tofee company has given.

I had an order of orange blossoms and I thought I will arrange it on cake to see how it looks? I could quite arrange it nicely as I can't poke a hole into the dummy cakes but I think it will look very well.

                                        You can now order these at my store here

anemone paper flower for wedding cakes

A request for Nicole -she wanted paper anemone for her cake and here is her order!

Fall colors Wedding cake topper

Another wedding cake topper -looks like it was birds week here :-)
Another bird topper requested by Rita.She wanted a simpler one with orange,burgundy accents..
Here is what I have created,

My cute birdies are all flying away :-) hope they bring the wedding couples God blessings :-)


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