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camelia wedding cake picture

Camelia wedding cake pictures back from a summer wedding! thank you so much for senting them -they made my day:-)

"Thanks again! (FYI ... we are still enjoying our camellias that we've placed in our china cabinet)"

wedding ckae camelias

Maclain Benton
Debbie Browne

wedding cake topper - woodland

Wedding cake topper in an array of choices! The cake topper with my new bird nest topper! Perfect and quaint, the cake features my paper peony toppers.The last one holds my

clay flower wedding cake topper

You can buy this wedding cake topper .Check out store promotion coupons to get discounts.

tulip and ranunculus clay bridal bouquet

Natalie had ordered a tulip wedding bouuqet for her wedding in Sept (I have 2 brides having the same wedding date!!) Here are the progress pictures for Natalie.
The bouquet has these white tulips whose centers are painstaking made!!It has green
hydrangeas,offwhite ranunculus and white stephanotis with pearl centers.

I am debating if I need to add the leaves or not?

I am receiving many enquiries to which I am unable to reply to ,I am head over heels in work trying to finish up everything as fast as my hand can make them :-) and make them as beautiful as I can.

Sept is like crazy here that I sometime miss replying to emails -thank you for all your patience!I am not taking any new orders for upto OCT middle until all the current orders are out the door,anything after that in NOV,DEC onwards please convo me or email me.hyranges

gardenia wedding cake flower in clay for Ceci

I have been many a times requested to make the gardenias again and again and the picture my clients sent me is this one

Now here are the flower made for Ceci.The flower look absolutely delightful! there is 4 inch gardenias and one 3 inch one.I didn't get enough time to make the third layer of the dummy cake but the flower would just look even more lovelier on mor tiers!!!

If you like this to order please email me at or look up my listing on etsy at white gardenia wedding cake

floral arrangement in clay -flowers

I have been trying to put up some items in my etsy to fill up so here is a new arrangement I made in clay for sale.

The arrangement has anemones and sweet peas with some fillers.Would be a lovely addition to your home or for a bridal shower or wedding.

You cna buy it here at Floral arrangement in clay

Wedding cake topper in clay - white peony

I had a order via Etsy for a large white peony wedding cake topper for Paula.She also wanted 7 gardenias for all her bridesmaids! What a gorgeous sight it would be!

It was the first time I was making a clay peony -I usually make the large anemone so I liked doing an peony for a change and I am sure this is going to be frequent seller again! I just love doing custom flowers.. The peony has white stamens in the center and is really make a statement on its own beign 6 to 7 inches big!!! It will sit regally atop a wedding cake and I really dont think you dont need anything else besides this flower!

Wedding hair gardenia for the bride

I got a an order via etsy for a clay gardenia hair flower and here is what I created for her.I turned out sooo great that I thought I should be relisting it!

Take look at my listing at Bridal Gardenia for the hair The flower would be 3.5 inches big just right to wear in the hair for your wedding.It can be made upto 4 inches,just sent me a note at the checkout in etsy.

Here are some more picture I took of the bridal flowers for Paula ,it was looking soo good that I had to take these pcitures of them together.

I have relisted the Wedding cake topper on Etsy

The wedding hair flowers are also listed on my etsy site!

wedding Gardenia bouquet

The clay wedding bouquet looks likes ,I used a staggered approach rather than creating a rounded bouquet and added some vine and folded leaves.Nancy had a lovely idea she just wanted the stems of gardenia tied together and she wanted a dozen gardenia separate.What she plans is to give them to her family and they would come up and give it to her to add to her bouquet - a nice touch of including the family in the wedding!

The bouquet is not yet complete.I have tied a blue ribbon bow to it!

The mother in law likes red roses so we thought we would create a red rose corsage for her - havent yet added the ribbons to it..

The ring cushion has these: 2 large gardenias and bud.


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