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large chanel paper flower wall inspired wedding backdrop wall for world of posh NY

Large Chanel Paper Flower Wall inspired wedding wall

I am been quite busy!!!World of Posh NY an event design company enquired for huge paper flower and asked me if I could make them for a wedding on Sunday and here they are a sea of paper flowers that is filling up my home! The flowers are huge as in 2 feet and 3 feet and is for a backdrop wall for the reception.My is the bride going to be pleased with these!

chanel paper flower wall

Here is the picture via World of Posh

Photos and Design credits Once Upon Roses NY ,World of Posh NY

The flowers in 2 feet includes lilies,magnolia,roses.

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chanel inspired large paper flower wall backdrop

Wedding bridal fair paper flower wall backdrop

I am slowly getting back up to wedding season again I think! and wow what snow storm we have had this year here in CT -close to 3 feet of snow plus sleet.It is really treacherous out there! and brr is it cold!

Anyway I had an email enquiry via Events by DECISIONS, Inc. if I could sponsor a wall of paper flower for their I thee wed bridal event I thought I could do it! Here is what I created -the theme was pink large paper flower in pink hues and large paper leaves.The event is on Jan 27 (my birthday date btw!)


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