Bridal hair flower gardenia

Becc has ordered 3 gardenias last year -(Becc lives in Australia and gardenias were out season there in time for her wedding )-she wanted to achieve Katherine Heigl's hairdo in 28 Dresses and requested 3 gardenia fro her hair -I was just thrilled to get her mail withe her pictures and wow! I was enthralled by the pictures and the beauty.Great couple and wonderful photography to boot! what more can you get on a wedding day! The photography credits go to Tealilyphotography
You can check out the whole wedding here

Let the pictures speak for themselves!!!

Check out the gardenia here

mother's day arrangement

I have been making a few arrangement for my home as guests are arriving from next week! My mother who taught me the art of flower making is going to be spending some time with me here! Anyway
I created this peonies arrangement for sale on etsy for Mother's Day.

The flowers rest in a gorgeous ceramic basket I picked up some time ago.It has 6 peonies in various shades of pink and green faux berries and green velvet leaves to accent it -it is pretty large and would be lovely for the kitchen or a coffee table.
It has clay stephanotis with pearl centers are fillers inbetween.

garden wedding bird topper

I made this bird topper a few days ago to post on my etsy -it is made using balsa wood flowers-perfect for a vintage wedding! You can buy the 2 I listed here
Wedding cake birds nest topper and
Bird Topper

You buy it from my etsy store here

Dahlia bridesmaids bouquet

Katie had ordered bridemaids bouquet to match her dalia bouquet!

The bouquets features 5 flowers each with rhinestone centers.with criss crossed ribbon stems.

Pink dahlia paper flower wedding bouquet

Ann liked the pink dahlia wedding bouquet that Katie had ordered earlier and requested the same but with a brighter pink color for the dahlia.

The bouquet has gorgeous accents to it like pink beaded fillwer,pearl and crystal fillers,swarovski crystal centers for each dahlia.

She ordered 2 corsage for the bridesmaids in ivory.I made 3 flower and added plum accents as their dresses are shades of plum.

The men get boutonierres of ivory stephanotis and violets (my first time I am doing this) I added a few velvet leaves and they look gorgeous with ivory satin ties.

balsa wood flowers

Poppy arrangement for ZEDO Inc AdTech

I had an order for an arrangement for ZEDO Inc.(my brother works there..) and he requested the flowers to be in thier logo colors- a lime green and orange and black combination It is for display in the ZEDO booth for the upcoming ADTECH.I sometimes do a bit of part time programming for them..

I chose orange anemone poppies,green orchids and added light orange mums,the arrangement has green leaf loops and fern curls.The arrangement is pretty large and such arrangements would look lovely even in the foyer of a house (custom color requests welcome!) It's been a while since I did any large arrangement -(my house is full of these and my mom and sister rotates them often)

gardenia hair clip

A gardenia hair flower with hair clip attached for brides who need a hair clip.

cake topper for garden wedding or bird theme wedding

I had another birds nest cake topper order of my sweet birds I love! The order was for a color scheme of yellow,peach and pink so I made some mini dahlias,mini roses and mini chrysanthemums with some green buds in a trail with vintage velvet fern leaves to finish it off.

wedding cake topper
bird topper

large paper flowers for Jasmine

Jasmine had ordered these large paper flower as wedding backdrop!


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