stephanotis bouquet for wedding bride

Thestephanotis wedding bouquet is very popular since the symbolic meaning of stephanotis  is it signifies marital happiness so they are often used in wedding and in the bride's hair. The plant itself grows on a vine and produces fragrant waxy flowers. Jenniffer ordered this bouquet in clay and here are some pictures of the Stephanotis floribunda!
stephanotis bouquet

stephanotis bouquet price

The starry white blooms are highly fragrant and are often used by florists in bridal bouquets, thus its nickname 'the wedding plant.Stephanotis vines also produce an inedible fruit, which looks much like a mango. When ripe, the fruit splits apart and releases masses of seeds attached to silky filament-like hairs that are broadcast by the wind.
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stephanotis bouquet price

and here is a video that I took of the bouquet.  
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Gorgeous paper peonies and bunches of paper daisies

It's late spring and of course the next in the season are peonies and daisies which are springing forth.

I wanted to share with you all these latest flowers I made as an order for Ted. He saw the peony bouquet in my book and wanted one for his wife and he ordered something for his mother too. You could with the book be making this yourself!

I created a mini teacup arrangement for his mom with handmade gardenias and blue forget me nots, I added some dried berries for a gorgeous coffee table or side table arrangement.

I created  some paper daisies and daffodils so beautiful. I tweaked the daisy pattern in my book to create double layered daisies! Beautiful as a gift to your loved ones.Soon I am planning to load up my etsy store with some bunches paper flowers so look out!

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A forget me not inspired blue wedding for Australia.

I have been making this order for some time and it is one of my large orders of bird boutonnieres.I was so thrilled to make this order for Vivi in Australia who is going to be getting married in Malayasia!

Vivi had asked me to create a forget me not based wedding collection and these birds are SO cute that is looks so fabulous that I had a tough time rejecting any of the pictures I shot.

A set of 12 boutonnieres with flocked forget me nots. Each boutonniere is accented with the bird and a beautiful bunch of forget me nots. The stems are wrapped with moss and pale blue ribbon tie lends a touch of style to each one.

The ladies have corsages with a blue paper flower (by the way this flower is featured in my book)! Each corsage is handcrafted with pale green feather,silver accents and of course the bird and the forget me nots. The stems are wrapped with moss to create a beautiful elegant wedding accent.

The ring bearer will carry the birds perched on a wood slice tied with a white ribbon.

The cake topper would my handcrafted forget me not bird's nest with the birds nesting in them.Vivi is also going to adding a dozen forget me nots to her bouqet!

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Paper anemones and fresh flowers!

Finally springs seems to have arrived here and it is feeling warmer! I am enthralled by the spring flowers of course. (I should be I guess!)

I have been working on some anemones for a bride who is planning to tie them into a bouquet.Gorgeous and so delicate I often admire the fresh anemone so much.I have been making them in all forms and sizes and colors for so long and so many times that I have lost count! They still remain my favorite.They are great for your black tie event.How to make the anemones are in my book too!

paper anemones flowers

Gorgeous anemone wedding bouquet.. 

Here are some ideas of a black and white wedding

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Spring flowers and a giveaway!

Karen had asked me if I could replicate some flowers in a quilt in her room.After many debating I decided to go in for the lilacs and did shaded peonies to match her colors in her quilt.

I hand dyed the paper for most of the flowers in this order.I had deja vu all the time as I was doing this order as I recollected my childhood when I used help my mom dye the flowers she used to make.She and her sister had invented so many techniques to come up with gorgeous colored flowers mainly in fabric.Doing this order reminded me of my aunt (who sadly passed away) and her craft room and my mother's cupboard all filled up with so many colors...eventually we used to come out with painted hands and gorgeously colored fabric flowers...I took a trip back I think which reminds I better pass on it to my daughter someday..

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A bunch of paper flowers!

It been so crazy here with this weird weather,we had snow in spring! I was so thrilled with the warm weather that I went ahead and bought some pansies just to have it snowed upon..I am just waiting to garden and looking forward to do some containers this year..

Last year..


Fast forwarding to summer!

Anyway I have to be satisfied with paper flowers for now.I have been trying to work on this sampler for Karen who wants to recreate the flowers in her quilt for a small angel wall hanging basket in here room.

Here is the sampler!

Orange Blossoms for a vintage themed wedding

The Orange blossom is the fragrant flower of the Citrus sinensis (orange tree). It is used in perfume making, has been written about as an aphrodisiac and is the state flower of Florida. It is traditionally associated with good fortune and has been popular in bridal bouquets and head wreaths for weddings. Orange blossom essence is an important component in the making of perfume.

I have been often asked to make them and here is my latest set for a bride who is going to be creating a head wreath out of it..

orange blossoms

orange blossoms

orange blossoms

I had created this comb for a similar bride,so gorgeous and elegant.

To order please use my store here Orange blossom hair comb


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