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flower girl ball hot pink peony and stephanotis garden wedding

I had made this flower girl ball this a month ago but never got down to posting it.The ball is like a cute pomander but is all covered with gorgeous leaves and has a loop handle to it.The top part has 2 hot pink peonies and has stephanotis dotted around the side all resting is moss.Would be great display piece at home too after the wedding!
pomander flower girl

wedding ball hot pink

You can buy the flower girl pomander ball here

pomander kissing ball flower girl moss

flower girl wedding ball
Another new creation I came up with - a pomander ball for a flower girl -I had this ball that I have kept thinking I need to do something about and finally everything came together and I have created a new unique design that is sure to be a best seller! I found this super cute bird that will come close 2nd to my white birds! They are limited edition and I wanted to create somehtign fun and new with them..

I have here created a pomander for a flower girl using a moss ball and 2 of my cutest blue bird I have ever found! The ball is held by a pink martha stewart ribbon.On the top roost 2 blue birds and I have attached pink handmade stephanotis and spotted guinea feathers.The ball is gorgeous and would be great photo op for the flower girl.It would be great for a garden wedding.

This would be perfect for a garden wedding!Custom requests are welcome!

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