Crepe paper flower for cakes inspired by Martha Stewart

I was pretty surprised to see crepe paper flowers used by Martha Stewart on fondant covered wedding cakes! See the following picture:

Picture courtesy A real beauty.

Now I was really inspired by the new crepe paper peonies I made to turn them into flowers for cakes.It's something I am looking into especially when brides would like to cut costs in this economy.

Some flowers on top and graduating down would look gorgeous!
crepe paper peonies

Paper Flowers Peonies for weddings and cakes as toppers

I was making this order for Abby - 20 hot pink peonies.They have come out really well.With the economy in such a turmoil and brides trying to cut costs these flowers could very well replace the expensive cake flowers that are available.

paper flowers

What a gorgeous cake it would be with the topper of paper peonies.

Table arrangements as centerpieces for weddings and parties roses,lillies and daisies.

Here are a few table arrangements I thought I should post about : My family as you know are all creative (my sister and my mother,my aunts)
Now here is a collection of arrangements we have around our house so you can have an idea of the atmosphere we grew up in.

This is an arrangement of red paper roses and gerber daisies!

Another arrangement of peach roses and paper lillies
My house was always filled with gorgeous arrangements like these which we used to change on a regular basis!

Paper Flowers

artificial plumeria wedding bouquet for destination wedding

We recently had an artificial plumeria wedding bouquet which we did using artificial plumerias and handmade clay flowers.The pictures were taken before we finished the bouquet.Anyway here are the pictures.

The bouquet has other fillers like stephanotis and other handmade flowers.If you would like a custom bouquet of plumerias please do email me at or please go through my website and click order enquiry for a quote.

artificial plumeria wedding bouquet

Custom Artificial Plumeria Bouquet Click Enquiry

Wedding centerpieces arrangement with hydrangeas and anemones

Wedding centerpieces with hydrangeas and anemones -A few days ago my floral arrangement got sold and I was very thrilled!

These arrangements can be custom designed as wedding centerpieces also with custom flowers!

I hoep to be making more! I am on order of gardenias,hope to be getting some pictures up soon!

Crepe Paper Calla Lillies

I made the crepe paper calla lillies for the 3 bridesmaids and was pretty pleased with the outcome.All in all the crepe paper lillies presented the greatest challenge anyway it brought back m long forgotton painting skills.The calla lillies are all handpainted and look just exquisite!

Wedding paper flower bouquet for Desiree of dahlias,dogwoods and cyclamen

The wedding paper flower bouquet I made for Desiree is complete.The bouquet looks soo real that if Desiree does not tell anyone it's paper many people are going to get fooled by the flowers!

I made the paper flower bouquet with burgundy dahlias and hand shaded plum dahlias.The bridesmaids hold hand shaded calla lilies with DECO clay dogwoods and cyclamens.

I finished off all the bouquets with burgundy ribbon and added a button to the bow to add a bit of 'wow' factor:-)

She requested a red poppy for the groom as he is a soldier (who served in Iraq!!!) so I created it in DECO clay.Added a bit of feathers and a Velvet leaves.The 3 ushers have a orange blossom boutonniere as in DECO Clay! They turned out sooo beautiful and real.

Let me know your comments!

Vintage inspired artificial wedding bouquet of roses,stephanotis,green orchids and fillers

Here is a vintage inspired artificial wedding bouquet of roses,stephanotis,green orchids and fillersWe had a big wedding this week and we did the bouquet for the bride and small bouquets for the flower girls.

The bouquet is a mix of many things and we had a vintage inspired bouquet of roses,clay stephanotis,berries,gold brocade handmade roses(!!!)and artificial green orchids.The pictures don't show justice and I am hoping for better pictures from the official photographer.

The bouquet's were such a hit of the wedding and got many compliments!

White flower for wedding dress or for bride's hair

White flower for wedding dress or for bride's hair

Jessica liked her flower so much that she requested another to be made!

Here is the 2nd flower!

Wedding flower for dress or hair

handmade wedding bouquet dahlia and doogwood in burgundy and plum

I was trying get my bridal wedding bouquet done and here are the pictures! The wedding bouquet has burgundy dahlia and plum dahlia also which turned out really good.At first I just wasn't satisfied with how it looked as I wanted to "hit this one out of box" as it's a combination rarely requested! After fretting and praying about it I think I got it right when I added the plum accents.

more coming ,lots to done,I am already behind schedule! My little daughter (3 yrs)has been upto mischief and has a big laceration after being cut on broken glass :-( on the hand so things are going slow here!!

artificial dahlia and dogwood wedding bouquet

I am right now working on an artificial dahlia and dogwood wedding bouquet for Desiree,she asked for such a lovely combination that I just couldnt refuse her!!Dahlia,dogwoods and cycalmen.This is work in progress pictures of the flower I made.Her colors are burgundy,wine and cream.

Here are the picture of the dogwood flowers,they would be lovely as hair flower for a wedding with crystal in the center.

white hair flower for wedding

I recieved an order from Jessica for a white hair flower for her wedding and also a flower for her dress.She said she would mail me a brooch she had and requested if I could make it the center of the flower,the brooch is just gorgeous and hence the flower came out sooo pretty

Here is what I created for her:

and here is the flower for her dress with pearl beads in the center,

Now here is a new listing for a gardenia hair flower at my etsy site.


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