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Chanel show inspired huge large white paper flowers backdrop

I am sure everyone by now have seen the grand fashion show that Chanel did last year(?) with large paper flowers that are huge as backdrops.After that a huge resurgence in interest for paper flowers seem to have happened and I have been often requested to make these and I have quite clearly avoided them due to the lack of time and the labor involved in making them and ofcourse how cumbersome they are to ship..
chanel huge paper fower inspired
this time the enquiry came all the way from Kuwait and my client sent me the same kind of huge paper flowers and I rethought and thought I should give it a shot..Here is a 2 feet yes 2 feet! across flower I made..The flower is made from white paper
chanel huge paper fower inspired

and there are 2 leaves attached.These would look lovely in wedding photo booth backdrop,photo shoots for products,window displays for shops fronts etc..
enquires please email me at stjudescreations(AT)

Chanel show here

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