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glamelia bouquet for a canadian bride! crepe paper flower wedding

Glamelia's are an old tradition and soo beautiful and here is an order for a 13 inch glamelia  in crepe paper! I have done a few of the glamelia wedding bouquets before and they take a huge amount of time and patience and it is indeed worth the effort and how I would love to get back pictures of the bride holding this!

I was thinking it would be awesome to do some in pastel shades,enjoy the pictures!

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Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial

Paper Flowers are so versatile that you could make virtually any craft from them.As I promised earlier here is the tutorial of How to Make a Paper Flower Wreath out of simple tissue paper. Easy to make it could become a great craft to do with your daughter or create one for your daughter for any event.Spruce it up and add your own ideas to it to create your own wreaths!

This tissue flower is included in my new book.I have added a slight variation step 3 to create a peony like flower.

Hope you will try this out at home! I created this set of 6 wreaths for my daughter CCD school saints fair.The kids looked so LOVELY together with all the wreaths that most of the moms were asking how I made them :-).Next week they are coming in for church wearing the flower wreaths!

1.Tissue Paper Set of 12 sheets - Michaels/craft store/pharmacys/Hallmark
2.Florist wire - Craft store
3.Crepe Paper - Green for leaves - you can use card stock to instead.

Step 1.
Cut set of 12 set of 4 inches squares keeping the tissue paper layered.

Step 2.
Accordion fold keeping all layers together. Detailed pictures can be found in my book
Tie together at the center with florist wire and round the edges with scissors.

Step 3.
Fluff the flower up by pulling the layers up pulling up till the center .Leave 3 layers.Trim the remaining unfluffed layer into petals by cutting on the accordion fold skipping 4.
Cut 2 leaves per flowers and glue to the back of each flower.

Step 4.
Use a 18 inch stem wire.Cut a long strip of crepe paper and wind onto the wire. Assemble the wreath by winding the individual blooms onto the wrapped wire.I had to add 7 to 8 flower per wreath.Twist the end to overlap to form ring!

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Happy Crafting!

How to Make 100 Paper Flowers

Pleased to let you know that the book "How to Make 100 Paper Flowers"  is now available in these countries:
crepe paper flowers

crepe paper flowers

United States 
1.Barnes and Nobles or your local bookstore - enter your zipcode to check your local bookstore.
2.Your local US book store - enquire or look online 
4.Check in your local Library - if not most library are only too pleased to order it for you on request!

United Kingdom

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sex in the city inspired oversized corsage flower

A client wanted oversized corsage flower inspired by sex in the city oversized flower to match a perfume line.

paper flower cake toppers

Sunny had ordered some paper cake flowers to go along with some large paper flowers.These are made from just white paper! She sent me a gorgeous wedding cake inspiration and I created my take on them -hope it did justice! It took a lot of reworking and hence the delay to figure things out as I have never thought of making them out of white paper so this was a exciting challenge -I am pretty thrilled on my new paper gardenias and the more contemporary paper flowers for this order! Hope you will sent me picture of them on the cake!

More pictures coming up on a Holy Communion wreath for my cousin!

paper flower favor toppers for Emily

Magnolia Bay Paper Flower Topper

Here is the Magnolia paper flower topper picture that Ashley forwarded me how gorgeous does it look???

Gumpaste Anemone wedding cake flowers sugar alternative

Sugar or gumpaste anemones are the latest rage - oh how I love the new cake series Cake Boss -he makes the most lovely anemones - was inspired by that to add real stamens to them this time and they look so gorgeous.My client wanted choclate brown center and the cake they wanted looks like this.

You can view or buy my clay anemones here

wedding cake anemones gumpaste
cream anemones

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anemone wedding bouquet

First anniversary paper flowers

Jordan had ordered ivory peonies and ivory roses for their first anniversary gift on Oct 11th!

Here is the pictures!

Best Wishes and happy Anniversary!

Black paper flowers with red and white accents

Leisa emailed me and asked if I could create something like this for her in black red and white which is tattoed on her.

I am not all a fan of black flower as I do not like black :-) and always hesitate to do it but I found I like this becoz it has the red and white accents in it and took off the entire blackness.When I was in school I remember a flamingo dancer came in a nice red/black and white dress and performed with a fire dancer - this reminded me of it!

Chair back decoration for bride and groom paper flower peony for

I had series of small order to do which I need to get behind to get onto to my wedding order!..

Now here is one with a difference.Laya contacted me and asked if I could do her a bride and groom's chair decoration for her wedding.She had a Tiffany blue theme but wanted an ivory or silver color combination... After searching for silver tulle I finally gave up and we settled for white.

I added 2 ivory peonies and added a small branch and here is a beautiful chair-back decoration for the bride and groom's chair. There was small budget to work with but eventually it came out really pretty!

Jude's order : using paper flowers for her wedding

I finally am done wih Jude's order (I am way behind schedule again) and so ready to move on to another exciting order for another famous paper artist (more to come on that in my next posts) and then onto an anemone bouquet.

Now Jude's order had some large party flowers and lovely colors,she had asked for large mums (her favorites are mums) and I was hesitant in taking up that as I hadn't yet made any large mums but in fact they turned out pretty good! So Jude here are the mums! Picutres of mums in many sizes galore :-)

Large paper flowers for a wedding.

I was super busy trying to get ahead with Jude's order for large paper flowers for her wedding with other orders close at my heels again...Here are the latest flower that I created.The bride would hold a whisper pink peony seen below.It has sooo many petals that I lost count how many I included.It's 1 feet across and a a show stopper :-) peony with stamens in the center

The bridesmaids are going to be holding different kinds of large paper flower.Here are some shots of them.
She has asked for a large mum,large peonies,rose and marigold for the bridesmaids to hold.

The order also has small white mums and light pink paper peonies.

Crepe paper flower for cakes inspired by Martha Stewart

I was pretty surprised to see crepe paper flowers used by Martha Stewart on fondant covered wedding cakes! See the following picture:

Picture courtesy A real beauty.

Now I was really inspired by the new crepe paper peonies I made to turn them into flowers for cakes.It's something I am looking into especially when brides would like to cut costs in this economy.

Some flowers on top and graduating down would look gorgeous!
crepe paper peonies

white hair flower for wedding

I recieved an order from Jessica for a white hair flower for her wedding and also a flower for her dress.She said she would mail me a brooch she had and requested if I could make it the center of the flower,the brooch is just gorgeous and hence the flower came out sooo pretty

Here is what I created for her:

and here is the flower for her dress with pearl beads in the center,

Now here is a new listing for a gardenia hair flower at my etsy site.

Hair Flowers for wedding

A bride requested some paper hair flowers for her wedding,she sent me this picture of a peach poppy and asked me if I could make something like that.Here is what I came up with.The paper is handshaded with stamens in the center.

Would look lovely on 6 gorgeous bridesmaids!!!


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