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floral arrangement or paper roses and peony in vintage milk glass

paper rose and peony floral arrangement is up at etsy!
Use stjudes10 for 10% discounts!

I created this arrangement with paper roses with pink edges ,handmade paper peonies and green fillwer.There are white handmade stephanotis with pearl centers interspered inbetween the arrangement.

The arrangement in made in a gorgeous vintage milk glass vase I found in New England where I live and measures 6 by 6.

Amaranthus linear designs

Since I am interested in concept of floral arrangements,I thought I would write an entry on Amaranthus aka the droopy flowers you see on scene this year.Here is a picture of them in a lovey arrangement done by DesignsByErnest! They provide good eye candy and works well to ehance a design! They come in a variety of shades...

Here is the blue paper poppies,carnations,daisies!

I was working on an order for blue paper flowers,here are my creations,there are different shades of blue poppies,violet daisies,lavender poppies,assorted carnations in blue,green and lavender.Anemones are the latest rage now as seen is all the bridal magazines so I had been setting my eyes on them for a long time to make them.Finally I did.! Blue is a lovely shade to work with I think.

Here are the pictures for Jessica,please leave your comments!

Blue roses for weddings

Made some blue paper roses (rare to find) today,so I am posting the picture,they look stunning! They are quite large and I feel they work well in wedding table arrangement and in bouquets.

Blue Roses


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