Pink Dahlia paper flower wedding bouquet

I was working on a pink dahlia paper flower wedding bouquet.I had a lot of time on hand on so I wanted everything to look the best!

We thought it needed a little pop in the colors so we chose 2 colors of pink dahlia with white clay stepahnotis with pearl centers.There are ivory roses interspersed intbetween with some pearl and bead leaf fillers.The handle is finished off with a ivory satin ribon and pearl pin.Each dahlia has swaroski pearl centers too which just dazzles under light!

Just when I have bouquet to photograph New England gives me the gloomiest day to photograph it! I guess I need to figure out a way to get some great lights in my house :-)

btw Katie had sent me this picture as an inspiration pictures and how close do you think it's come to the inspiration?
Inspiration bouquet

Katie hope you like it!

red anemone floral arrangement

Here is an anemone arrangement I made quite a while and have been wanting to put up on etsy.

You can buy it here anemone floral arrangement

Pink dahlia flowers for Katie's wedding bouquet

Here are the flowers I am going to be tying into the wedding bouquet!

Pink Dahlia sampler for Katie

yellow composite flower for Scottee

Scotte sample order for composite peonys

Here is another request for the composite double colored peony,Scottee asked for a sample of primrose yellow/white/grey combinations!

Check it out!

Blue wedding flowers with blue berries

Erin's order is finally done,thank you so much for your patience.I was down sick and hence all orders are delayed a bit...

The groom boutonierre has a blue and white peony with blueberries,green leaves,feathers and more berries,blue and grey velvet leaves cinched with a black satin ribbon.

The fathers have the same combo but tied with a silver mettalic weaved martha stewart ribbon.

The ushers have the same flower with blue berry accent.This is going to be a winter wedding!

The centerpieces are going to be 20 of my large paper flowers in midnight blue!
Erin hope you will sent me pictures!

Gardenia wedding cake topper pictures from Lindsey

Another wedding cake picture post! Lindsey has emailed me and asked me if I could make for her some gardenias for the wedding cake,initially since I was soo booked for Aug/Sept I told her I was not sure then I felt bad (hate dissapointing people)and just some how squeezed her order in and it was well worth it

Photo credits to Michael Gluzman
Wow how lovely does the cake look???? The leaf idea was Lindseys and full credits to her for the idea as it give a fuller and fresher look than the usual plain white ribboned gardenia cake I have seen!

Lindsey is one of the sweetest brides that I have come across ,she sent these pictures of the gardenia cake and her wedding! (most brides in the "after wedding" buzz forget...luckily for me both Christina(see post below) and Lindsey remembered!)

Let me tell how grateful I am to the brides who take the time to mail me the pictures,makes all the late nights sitting up worth it! Thank you Lindsey!
Best Wishes to you and Kam for happily married life ahead.

Photo credits to Michael Gluzman

Anemone wedding bouquet red paper flower poppies

I was "pretty thrilled" to see the wedding pictures of the anemone wedding bouquet I had made for Christina who was so gracious to sent me these.

Valo Photography has done a awesome job on this!

Wow how beautiful does Christina look???,the wedding used lots of handmade elements!
Love how the red pops out in all the pictures

The flower girl held a small purse into which Christina placed the loose flowers.

The close ups!
Very happy day! More pictures to come to stay tuned on other wedding cakes.These pictures would not be possible so a big thank you for the wonderful photographic skills of
Valo Photography Do check them out if you are planning a wedding.


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