first anniversary gift for Lee

Lee had ordered a first anniversary gift for his new bride and sent me these wonderful pictures of his lovely bride holding this gorgeous bouquet.

On close examinations I found it contained freesias,peonies,dahlias,orchids,roses.
I was thrilled to do this as most of the flowers are pretty new to me and I just fell in love with the combination and here is whhat I tried to make :-) hope I did justice to the bouquet.

Lee was absolutely patient as I had been sick and having ridculous issues with my eyes - I have been back up -anyway thank you so much for your patience and hope your wife will like it!

paper flowers
first anniversary gift

wedding paper flower bouquet

Anemone cake flowers

Nikki had ordered my anemones and they have turned out so beautiful.Nikki I really hope you will sent me a picture of the cake!

There are 4 bridesmaids bouquets with 6 larger paper anemone flowers also with the order.

ring bearer pillow with birds woodland

I had a creative spurt and inbetween my orders decided I needed to do something fun and here is what I created a ring bearer pillow using a woodland theme.The ring bearer pillow is a birch wood on which 2 cute birds are nestled on cushion of green moss.The rings can be tied onto the ribbon.Custom requests are welcome!

This one will be on etsy here Ring bearer pillow birds nest woodland Grab it before it flies off!!

bird ring pillow
bridal ring pillow
Ring bearer pillow birds nest woodland

bouquet recreations samplers

A first anniversary gift - I have been behind and have a rocking cold thanks to the crazy weather here so things are going slow.

Here are some samplers for Lee of the bouquet that I am going to be tying soon.Some orchids are to be added and I am working on that.

fall paper flowerr arrangements for mediabrandww

Mediabrandsww had ordered fall paper flowers arrangements for their first anniversary
The order consists of fall colored flowers in a silver mint julep cup.
These vase could easily be used as centerpieces for a wedding and what great lasting giveaways they would be.

I was really down and I am up full speed - thank you all for your patience. I have been realy waiting to do Lee's order of a bouquet recreation so more coming up in the next post.

wedding centerpiece
fall arrangements

medical emergency :-)

Thank you all for all the enquires! I am unable to reply to any of the order enquiry as on today OCT 2nd.I had a small concussion and complications as a result I am unable to take up work on any order this week.I hope to be well next week once this all sorts out,!
Thank you for your patience.!


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