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New creations for 2011

Have been trying to create new stuff for the 2011 season and here is one of them.I had gone to NY botanical garden last year and fell in love with the japanese peonies there I had promised myself I will try to make them but never got down to doing them.Finally after a lot of effort I got one style down.

Designs and photos of the flowers are sole properties of ©stjudescreations.

japanese peonies

mother's day arrangement

I have been making a few arrangement for my home as guests are arriving from next week! My mother who taught me the art of flower making is going to be spending some time with me here! Anyway
I created this peonies arrangement for sale on etsy for Mother's Day.

The flowers rest in a gorgeous ceramic basket I picked up some time ago.It has 6 peonies in various shades of pink and green faux berries and green velvet leaves to accent it -it is pretty large and would be lovely for the kitchen or a coffee table.
It has clay stephanotis with pearl centers are fillers inbetween.

paper peonies

One of my etsy client had bought my peonies and requested she wanted another dozen to gift someone,I thought since it was quite a while she ordered I thought I will have to just get down to doing it before I move to other orders and here are the flowers,

Thank you,
your repeat business is greatly appreciated!

paper peonies wedding bouquet

Here is the wedding bouquet for Celeste of peonies,tulips and roses in ivory and yellow and white.

I was hoping to match the dress and tie the bridesmaids bouquets.I left out the darker tone of yellow.The bouquet has an ostrich feather trim -(hope no one has allergies -dont want anyone sneezing through the ceremony :-)) - looks very beautiful -now the only thing missing is the groom's boutonierre which is a gardenia and fillers.

peony and roses

I am not allowed to elaborate on this order:-) This is just for someone to see the order and then this post goes away.

Yellow peonies for Celeste

I am making the order for Celeste ,which is a pretty large order.she has ordered bouquet plus flowers for the reception.Here are some shots of few of the yellow flowers she has ordered.

Crepe paper flower for cakes inspired by Martha Stewart

I was pretty surprised to see crepe paper flowers used by Martha Stewart on fondant covered wedding cakes! See the following picture:

Picture courtesy A real beauty.

Now I was really inspired by the new crepe paper peonies I made to turn them into flowers for cakes.It's something I am looking into especially when brides would like to cut costs in this economy.

Some flowers on top and graduating down would look gorgeous!
crepe paper peonies


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