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royal blue bird nest wedding cake topper woodland rustic garden

Here is a cake topper with 2 birds in handmade nest.This is for a wedding anniversary cake in canary yellow with royal blue bow so the client ordered for deep royal blue handmade roses.I added few sprigs of yellow.

blue bird wedding cake nest for a garden wedding

Had an order for a blue bird nest!
This one has these 2 cute blue birds and white stephanotis flowers and spotted guinea feathers.

Totally cute.Unfortunately I have only 2 more of the blue birds! They will up on etsy soon so if any one wants it watch for it and grab it!

lavender cake topper forget me not garden wedding

I had a order for a forget me not bird's nest cake topper.The bride had seen this and wanted it in lavender.The topper has dozens of teeny handcrafted forget me nots and some white fillers.

birch ring bearer bridal pillow birds nest woodland christmas Use 'stjudes10' to get 10%0ff

A new collection of ring bearers nests up at
ring bearer bridal pillow birds nest woodland christmas

ring beared nest bird moss

wedding cake topper - woodland

Wedding cake topper in an array of choices! The cake topper with my new bird nest topper! Perfect and quaint, the cake features my paper peony toppers.The last one holds my

clay flower wedding cake topper

You can buy this wedding cake topper .Check out store promotion coupons to get discounts.

Cake Bird Topper Nest

A wedding cake bird nest topper was custom requested by a client! The bird's nest is handmade! It took a lot of time but it was worth the handmade look I feel.

I had the idea of an arch for the topper and hadn't gotten down to doing to it so when when the request was made I was grinning from ear to ear as it was precisely what I had in mind.The bride's colors were navy blue,burgundy and green,I added velvet leaves in those colors and she requested orange bloossoms,I found a nice branch which I strung on the arch and the birds (how cute are they???) simply put the quaint look on it!

Hope you like it!

Woodland theme bird cake topper nest

This one is super cute -Betty had asked if I could create for her bird theme cake topper - a nest with my cute bird- they are soo cute that sometimes I feel I should keep them for myself to admire (which is crazy I know).Anyway the topper has 2 birds in a mossy nest - I tried several flower combinations and found that the white forget me nots looked best with 2 leaves - would love to get some wedding cake picture back from you Betty!She has ordered 2 gardenias too!

This one is paired with my peonies!


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