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camelia clay cake flower gumpaste or sugar flowers alternative samplers

I had a camelia cake flower set in clay to finish.They are great sugar flower or gumpaste alternatives and can be displayed at home long after the event too!

camelias sugar flower alternative
wedding ckae camelias

I am behind on all order as I have not been well.The weather has been crazy here in New Englnad one day being 73 and this week we have snow outside.

wedding cake topper - woodland

Wedding cake topper in an array of choices! The cake topper with my new bird nest topper! Perfect and quaint, the cake features my paper peony toppers.The last one holds my

clay flower wedding cake topper

You can buy this wedding cake topper .Check out store promotion coupons to get discounts.

anemone wedding cake flowers

yellow and orange aenemone cake flowers for Catherine!

anemone wedding cake flower pictures

Anemone cake pictures
I am so fortunate to get back so many picture from happy clients!!!
Here is an anemone cake done in Feb
The flowers look quite fabulous on the cake!

Here is the water lily I did a while back

anemone paper flower for wedding cakes

A request for Nicole -she wanted paper anemone for her cake and here is her order!

Gumpaste Anemone wedding cake flowers sugar alternative

Sugar or gumpaste anemones are the latest rage - oh how I love the new cake series Cake Boss -he makes the most lovely anemones - was inspired by that to add real stamens to them this time and they look so gorgeous.My client wanted choclate brown center and the cake they wanted looks like this.

You can view or buy my clay anemones here

wedding cake anemones gumpaste
cream anemones

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anemone wedding bouquet

Wedding cake Pink anemone

Vannesa's order for 3 pale pink anemone in clay for her wedding cake!

Cake Bird Topper Nest

A wedding cake bird nest topper was custom requested by a client! The bird's nest is handmade! It took a lot of time but it was worth the handmade look I feel.

I had the idea of an arch for the topper and hadn't gotten down to doing to it so when when the request was made I was grinning from ear to ear as it was precisely what I had in mind.The bride's colors were navy blue,burgundy and green,I added velvet leaves in those colors and she requested orange bloossoms,I found a nice branch which I strung on the arch and the birds (how cute are they???) simply put the quaint look on it!

Hope you like it!

gardenia wedding cake flower in clay for Ceci

I have been many a times requested to make the gardenias again and again and the picture my clients sent me is this one

Now here are the flower made for Ceci.The flower look absolutely delightful! there is 4 inch gardenias and one 3 inch one.I didn't get enough time to make the third layer of the dummy cake but the flower would just look even more lovelier on mor tiers!!!

If you like this to order please email me at or look up my listing on etsy at white gardenia wedding cake

Wedding cake topper in clay - white peony

I had a order via Etsy for a large white peony wedding cake topper for Paula.She also wanted 7 gardenias for all her bridesmaids! What a gorgeous sight it would be!

It was the first time I was making a clay peony -I usually make the large anemone so I liked doing an peony for a change and I am sure this is going to be frequent seller again! I just love doing custom flowers.. The peony has white stamens in the center and is really make a statement on its own beign 6 to 7 inches big!!! It will sit regally atop a wedding cake and I really dont think you dont need anything else besides this flower!

wedding cake toppers -water lily

I had made a water lily and paper and just couldn't resist making one in clay!
Just thought I should be posting this under a cake topper too as a single large water lily on the top tier would look just lovely!

Anemone Wedding Cake Topper revisited for bouquets

I have been requested many times to make anemones wedding bouquets for brides.Anemones wedding cakes are the latest now in the bridal scene and I have about 3 bookings this spring for bridal bouquets with them and anemone wedding cake topper.I am really looking forward in making them.Here is the picture I think about 5 brides have forwarded me a very nicely decorated set of cakes.

Here are some old pictures I had done of blue anemones! which I though I should revisit and arrange for my viewers that they know the range of colors options

Orange and yellow anemone held together

Today I had an urgent request from a bride's wedding coordinator whose baker suddenly stood up on them and she asked if I could do a large anemone flower for the bride's cake.Th flower would be the only flower atop the cake and lo and behold she forwarded me the same picture! I thought I would give it a try in decorative clay and here is the result
anemonecake Mind you the flower is 5 to 6 inches across! Here is my listing for it at Anemone cake anemone cake

where you can buy one similiar to it

I liked the idea very much especially for a bride on a budget! I think I need to find a cake "form" from somewhere to take pictures of flowers atop it.Right now my simple paper box will have to do:-)

Here is a new set of 5 I made

and here is a set of 5.Click on picture to take to the listing.

Crepe paper flower for cakes inspired by Martha Stewart

I was pretty surprised to see crepe paper flowers used by Martha Stewart on fondant covered wedding cakes! See the following picture:

Picture courtesy A real beauty.

Now I was really inspired by the new crepe paper peonies I made to turn them into flowers for cakes.It's something I am looking into especially when brides would like to cut costs in this economy.

Some flowers on top and graduating down would look gorgeous!
crepe paper peonies


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