water lily/lotus boutonierre

Julia has requested a water lily for Dan's boutonierre -here is a snapshot of the progress on that.

anemone for polly

Here are the 3 inch anemone made for Polly's order! Hope you like them -I tried my best!

orchids and peacock feather wedding corsage

Julia emailed me and asked if I could do her wedding flowers for her Aug 15th wedding.Here is a sample I made in paper.Her colors are royal blue,magenta,browns.Although she said she wasnt sure about feather I thought I would create a mockup which I tried out!

Let me know if this is fine and what you might like.I have not added the ribbons to the mother's corsage.

black and white wedding cake

I had an etsy order from a wonderful shop called Le Petit Oiseau ~ A Birdie Bridal Boutique she makes these gorgeous bird toppers -I fell in love with them!!

Here is a picture of one

Her shop is here Le Petit Oiseau ~ A Birdie Bridal

She requested for my clay anemone in white and black and here is the picture I took of them just arranged randomly.I wanted to put black ribbons but did not get the time anyway hope she likes this!

black and white cake picture anemone

anemone sample for polly

paper flower ranunculus -new

I had made a new flower - a ranunculus a long time ago and didnt even get time to post it.Today I thought I just need to get down to it as I kept putting it away due many orders.Well,on top of that I am going to be shifting also into a new bigger place!!! so it going to be crazy for a while-so if you have a pending order please bear with me! I really need the extra space (with all my craft stuffs :-)) I am going to be getting and I am looking forward to it!

Here is the listing up at etsy paper ranunculus boutonierre

Black and White Wedding pictures anemone

Here are some pictures of my anemones in a black and white themed wedding that took place this May.I got some more pictures from Sweet Pea photgraphy and they are awesome!! Thank you so much for senting them!! Please do check them out if you are in the PA area..

Christi and Chad at the reception -she holds a shades of pink clay anemone bouquet!

love this picture!!! The boutonierres and the mother's bouquets were paper anemones!

The mother's held a gorgeous paper anemone bouquet in black and white with green berries and paper ribbon trails.

The fathers wore paper anemone boutonierres!
Photo credits Sweet Pea Photography,PA

woodland wedding bird boutonierres

I made another bird boutonierres - love my cute birds!

Check it out here woodland wedding bird boutonierre
This was created during my creative splurges:-)

The boutonierre has very cute bird with 2 vintage leaves and 2 curly biots.To top it I hand created 2 orange blossoms
which are often requested by brides as it's a symbol of purity and love.It's all wrapped in a gorgeous pure white unique ribbon. All set for shipping to adorn a happy groom's lapel.

A very stunning boutonierre designed with lots of time!

paper flowers

Jamie requested some paper flowers - roses and peonies for a magazine cover shoot whihc features her doll!

Here are the flowers!

blue forget me not and roses pettite wedding bouquet

Jennifer contacted and asked for petite version of my forget me not bouquet -what a stunner this one is :-)

Black paper flowers with red and white accents

Leisa emailed me and asked if I could create something like this for her in black red and white which is tattoed on her.

I am not all a fan of black flower as I do not like black :-) and always hesitate to do it but I found I like this becoz it has the red and white accents in it and took off the entire blackness.When I was in school I remember a flamingo dancer came in a nice red/black and white dress and performed with a fire dancer - this reminded me of it!

Paper Calla lily wedding bouquet for Nicole

Nicole has ordered her bouquet quite a while back and I took a long time to make it-I didnt expect so many orders this year! Thank you so much Nicole for your patience.I do hope you will like the bouquet I made for you.

The bridal bouquet is made up of red paper calla lilies ,since Nicole was so patient :-) I just had to do something extra special.I am not a fan of the green floral tape so I made nice stems for her! Just took more time on it but worth the effort.

I changed my mind soo many time on what color and type ribbon fits what (Sometime I get mad at myself for being so picky) -finally I decided to all RED satin.It was what matched well in the end.

The bridesmaids hold white calla lilies with red wrap and white pins.

Hope she likes it!n

ivory and white wedding bouquet

Celeste has asked if I can modify the bouquet to have only ivory and white -she has a problem on the wedding dress and might be going for another dress- I retied the bouquet and here is the result! Looks fabulous -everything happens for the best -I am already looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures!

Not much light outside these days! What is happening to summer in the East Coast????

Paper poppies on True Wesson

I just happened to browse through my reading list and here is my paper poppies as table decor Check it out on the True Wesson blog !

Pictures courtesy:
Photography, Anna Sawin Photography


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