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forge me not silk flowers alternative cake topper

A forget me not topper that is always so cute! They forget me not are very painstaking to do and take hours to make.The woodland birds are my favorites sitting in a handmade nest. A great topper for a wedding,sure to be a attraction!
cake topper birds
forget me nots silk

camelia wedding cake picture

Camelia wedding cake pictures back from a summer wedding! thank you so much for senting them -they made my day:-)

"Thanks again! (FYI ... we are still enjoying our camellias that we've placed in our china cabinet)"

wedding ckae camelias

Maclain Benton
Debbie Browne

anemone cake flowers

New order for anemone cake flowers -the brides wanted them made in a different style than I usually do!

blue bird wedding cake nest for a garden wedding

Had an order for a blue bird nest!
This one has these 2 cute blue birds and white stephanotis flowers and spotted guinea feathers.

Totally cute.Unfortunately I have only 2 more of the blue birds! They will up on etsy soon so if any one wants it watch for it and grab it!

lavender cake topper forget me not garden wedding

I had a order for a forget me not bird's nest cake topper.The bride had seen this and wanted it in lavender.The topper has dozens of teeny handcrafted forget me nots and some white fillers.

paper flower cake toppers

Sunny had ordered some paper cake flowers to go along with some large paper flowers.These are made from just white paper! She sent me a gorgeous wedding cake inspiration and I created my take on them -hope it did justice! It took a lot of reworking and hence the delay to figure things out as I have never thought of making them out of white paper so this was a exciting challenge -I am pretty thrilled on my new paper gardenias and the more contemporary paper flowers for this order! Hope you will sent me picture of them on the cake!

More pictures coming up on a Holy Communion wreath for my cousin!

Wedding cake flower alternative for gumpaste

clay flower
clay flower
New from stjudescreations and on SALE is this wedding cake topper clay flower an alternative for gumpaste flowers with rhinestone and pearl center.grab it before it sells out.

The topper is around 5 inches across and could easily grace a 4 tier cake alone and still make a statement.

The flower is made from a light yet sturdy floral clay for soley making flower out of.

The flower boasts a gorgeous rhinestone and pearl center and this would be perfect for bride on a budget and yet not willing to comprimise on style! The added advantage is after the wedding wipe it donw and frame it in a shadowbox for an everlasting memory of the wonderful day.
You can buy it here cake topper

Anemone cake flowers

Nikki had ordered my anemones and they have turned out so beautiful.Nikki I really hope you will sent me a picture of the cake!

There are 4 bridesmaids bouquets with 6 larger paper anemone flowers also with the order.

magnolia wedding cake pictures

Heather sent me back this picture of her cake.I had made the magnolias for her wedding cake Heather has been one of the sweetest bride I have come across and it has been a pleasure to make this for her.

Clay flowers do double up as keepsakes and here is what Heather did with her's in her own words
"The magnolias you made for my wedding cake are probably my favorite detail from our wedding day--- they are stunning... I know I will have them forever. I gave one to my mother in a shadow box as a thank you for making my day so wonderful, and I will be giving one to my mother-in-law in a shadow box for her birthday... They makes such sentinmental gifts, as they once graced the top of our wedding cake :) The other blooms are now prominently placed in my china cabinet for everyone to see and enjoy... They make me smile!"

Thank you Heather!

cake topper

Cake topper with a green and silver theme!

The topper has my little birds,green moss ,green velvet leaves,green fillers and silver ribbons.It has tiny silver and white beads sprays!

anemone wedding cake flowers

yellow and orange aenemone cake flowers for Catherine!

anemone wedding cake flower pictures

Anemone cake pictures
I am so fortunate to get back so many picture from happy clients!!!
Here is an anemone cake done in Feb
The flowers look quite fabulous on the cake!

Here is the water lily I did a while back

garden wedding bird topper

I made this bird topper a few days ago to post on my etsy -it is made using balsa wood flowers-perfect for a vintage wedding! You can buy the 2 I listed here
Wedding cake birds nest topper and
Bird Topper

You buy it from my etsy store here

cake topper for garden wedding or bird theme wedding

I had another birds nest cake topper order of my sweet birds I love! The order was for a color scheme of yellow,peach and pink so I made some mini dahlias,mini roses and mini chrysanthemums with some green buds in a trail with vintage velvet fern leaves to finish it off.

wedding cake topper
bird topper

southern magnolia wedding cake flowers

Heather had requested for some Southern magnolia's cake flowers for her wedding and it has turned out quite awesome!

magnolia southern wedding cake

I added some green leaves and here it how it will look with it Heather!

peach anemone cake flower

paper flower magnolia topper for boxes toffee company

Ashley contacted me to ask to create an 8 inch magnolia topper for her toffee box she sells in MS at Bellagio..

Here is what I created - a stunning magnolia -She wanted a artsy one! Many toppers to follow suit :-)

Very couture isnt it? Would work very well for high end products...

wedding cake balsa wood flower -bird topper

Another order for the bird topper in the works,the brides wanted balsa wood flowers -luckily I had some on hand which of course was on my list of flowers to do.
The topper has basla wood roses in a spray with browns and green velvet leaf.

The bride is planning to buy balsa wood also called as solabo wood on the cake -wow -Ithink this cake is going to be really gorgeous and different -would love to get pictures!

The order consists of 4 of my orange blossom bird corsage also!

Gardenia wedding cake topper pictures from Lindsey

Another wedding cake picture post! Lindsey has emailed me and asked me if I could make for her some gardenias for the wedding cake,initially since I was soo booked for Aug/Sept I told her I was not sure then I felt bad (hate dissapointing people)and just some how squeezed her order in and it was well worth it

Photo credits to Michael Gluzman
Wow how lovely does the cake look???? The leaf idea was Lindseys and full credits to her for the idea as it give a fuller and fresher look than the usual plain white ribboned gardenia cake I have seen!

Lindsey is one of the sweetest brides that I have come across ,she sent these pictures of the gardenia cake and her wedding! (most brides in the "after wedding" buzz forget...luckily for me both Christina(see post below) and Lindsey remembered!)

Let me tell how grateful I am to the brides who take the time to mail me the pictures,makes all the late nights sitting up worth it! Thank you Lindsey!
Best Wishes to you and Kam for happily married life ahead.

Photo credits to Michael Gluzman

Fall colors Wedding cake topper

Another wedding cake topper -looks like it was birds week here :-)
Another bird topper requested by Rita.She wanted a simpler one with orange,burgundy accents..
Here is what I have created,

My cute birdies are all flying away :-) hope they bring the wedding couples God blessings :-)


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