DIY How to make a paper peony - Tutorial

The book "How to make 100 Paper Flowers" will soon be in select Joann stores Here is a picture of the paper peony bouquet with paper stephanotis I made for the book How to make Paper Flowers A huge range of paper flower tutorials are in the book..

 Would you like to make them by yourself and learn 99 other new flowers?

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how to make paper flowers tutorial

how to make paper flowers tutorial

Tutorial whimsical paper flowers poppy How to make DIY

paper flowers tutorial

Refer: How to Make 100 Paper Flowers - for Winding Rose and Anemone for the inspiration for this and other detailed techniques.

Crepe paper folds - peach/ivory/red/black Blumchen Castle in the Air
Scrap book paper - in red and black pattern or of choice Joann Fabrics Michaels
Stem wire -18 gauge Joann Fabrics Michaels
Guinea feathers - optional
Florist wire -26 gauge
Glue -Tacky

These whimsical paper flowers are a breeze to make once you have learned the basic techniques of paper flowers making precisely the "Winding Technique".

Step1. Cut a red square out of the red crepe paper fold. Scrunch some leftover crepe paper scraps into a ball.Bend the stem wire into a hook (very important which most crafters don't instruct as it reduces slippage) and place the hooked end with the ball and wrap the ball with the square to tie with florist wire to get a balled center.

Refer : How to Make 100 Paper Flowers - Anemone

DIY paper flower tutorial

Step 2. Cut 1 1/2 inch wide black crepe paper and fringe it half way. Wrap center with the fringed paper to tie with wire.

Refer How to Make 100 Paper Flowers Bon Bon Dahlia (one of my favorites in the book)

paper flower tutorial DIY

Step 3. Cut a peice of the cream crepe paper breadthwise.Fold over the strip and cut the top into a gentle curve.Unfold.
Refer How to Make 100 Paper Flowers  Carnation Technique

DIY paper flower tutorial  

 Step4. Wind the petalled strip around the center.

Refer  my new book  How to Make 100 Paper Flowers Carnation for detailed step by step photos for this step.

easy crepe paper flower tutorial 

Step 5. Cut a similar 2 inch  or more wider strip from whisper pink crepe paper and repeat step 3 with it.Unfold the strip and this time Cut each petal one inch into the curved side at the folded edges.Frill each petal and repeat Step 4


Step 5. Cut a petal shape from the scrapbook paper.Wrap tape onto a stem wire and stick onto the back on the petal to form leaf. Refer How to Make 100 Paper Flowers

Step6. If you want to add guinea feathers.  wrap the balled center with the feathers and tie with stem wire before adding the fringed stamen for form the variation flower below.

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Large paper Flower Hat

I have been trying to finish up some work hence the delay in getting back..Here is large paper flowers hat that is set to go out today. The hat would be worn with the outfit seen here.

I started to make it smaller but here is what it finally landed as.Hope you like it Angela..It is a juried contest.

May 19th: Exquisite showcase of hat collections. Participate in the Chapeau des Chapeaux juried Hat parade for Alliance Fran├žaise d'Atlanta

Crepe Paper Flower Tutorial Whimsical paper poppy Inspired from "How to make 100 Paper Flowers"

crepe paper flower poppy diy

Learn how to make these here If you like this you will want to have a look at my new book to learn 100 different flowers more!

crepe paper flowers book

crepe paper calla lily

how to crepe paper dahlia

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How to Make 100 Paper Flowers - a Go To Dictionary for Paper Crafters

It is with great pleasure I would like to announce that the publication of 100 paper flowers designs all in one book "How to make 100 Paper Flowers" by Creative Publications International.The book will be sold worldwide.

In this treasury of 100 Designs, Maria Noble shares her lifelong passion for making flowers.Guided by step-by-step directions,templates, and stunning photos,you can easily learn this cherished art.Included are paper flowers so lifelike you'll do a double-take,quick crafted flowers easy enough for kids to master,origami models,and quilled flowers,too.To make these gorgeous flowers,all you need are your two hands,some basic florist supplies,an occasional dab of glue, and paper - crepe paper,tissue,card stock,scrap booking sheets,recycled magazines,or quilling strips.

When the occasion calls for flowers,grab this book and start crafting.You'll never run of ideas for sure!


The above give a glimpse of what are the various projects that can be found.

There are many projects that are easy that even kids could do in short this would be a great go to Dictionary of paper crafts that you go to for most common and new craft project. Great to give an gift for a a craft enthusiast and a keeper for you craft shelf.

"There are so many designs and uses yet to be imagined.I hope the ideas in this book can inspire you,the way those childhood crafting sessions inspired me, to design and create new flowers on your own"

Enjoy crafting!



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