Chanel inspired large paper flower hat mad hatter.

I have an order for a paper flower mad hatter party hat and was thrilled to take up the order. Inspired by a white Chanel paper headpiece here is my sketch!
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Mad Hatter Hat

"/> Some inspiration derby hats that astonished me!


Blue wedding bouuqet

Blue Forget me not and tulip wedding clay bouquet
decoclay wedding bouquet tulips
Handmade ranunculus and tulip and forget me nots -no cutters used!

Tulip ranunclus forget me not clay wedding bouquet

Amy had asked me to make her wedding bouquet,she wanted ranunculus,tulips and my favorite the forget me not.

Each time I do forget me not I remember the first canadian bride you trusted me to do it for her -I tried so hard to get it right and now it's one of my most favorite flowers.

The clay tulips are my first time too ,I did them but were not actually satisfied but this time Amy asked for a closed one,initially I was worried if I will be able to nail it. Finally after hours of trials and botching up I got it close enough.I guess it is always a humbling experience when you have the 'aha' moment.When I make the flowers I am constantly reminded of the beauty of the Nature and I marvel at the works of the Creator who designed it.So beautiful I seem to be chasing after Nature yet not able to fully grasp it..very humbling:-)
forget me nots

clay smaplers anemone,ranunculus,roses,gardenia

Samplers for Stein
Anemone,Rose,Gardenia,stephanotis,forget me not,tulip,ranunculus,peony
Gorgeous flowers for samplers,feel like making arrangement out of this!
decoclay peony and samplers

Forget me not and clay tulip ranunculus sampler

working on a bridal bouquet, samplers
decoclay tulips and ranunculus

forge me not silk flowers alternative cake topper

A forget me not topper that is always so cute! They forget me not are very painstaking to do and take hours to make.The woodland birds are my favorites sitting in a handmade nest. A great topper for a wedding,sure to be a attraction!
cake topper birds
forget me nots silk

Caly hair flower set giveaway on Happy Together Blog

St Jude's Creation has partnered with Happy Together for the next giveaway It is for these three lovely clay hair flowers pictured below.The flowers are handformed and no cutters are used, Do hop over to Happy Together to enter to win this!


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