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oversized paper flowers

I was playing around with the large oversized paper flowers and did some in several hues in hot pink and burgundy.I loved how the burgundy turned out.
mexican paper flowers chanel
large paper flowers chanel

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hot pink/red /orange anemones

An order from Krissy for 8 doz anemones in hot pink,red and orange.

composite wedding bouquet large flowers

Composite wedding bouquet are well sought after nowadays and has been featured in the birdal magazines again - a new revival of the old victorian tradition.What a coincidence that last Spring I made one in white! Sarah had ordered these large hot pink flowers and here is what I made for her.

The order has 2 5 inches flower girls flowers -4 bridesmaids at 6 to 7 inches and Sarahs is at 8 inches.She is think ing of adding fresh leaves to it once close to her wedding date.

The bouquets have satin wrap on the handmade handle.
These flowers took me a "ridiculous" amount of time just due to the fact that I added just LOTS of petals for the wow factor!

The matching hair flower

hot pink roses bridesmaids bouquets for Kristy

Kristy had placed a order last year for hot pink roses for her bridesmaids-wow how beautiful it has turned out,I added the clay stem to create a handtied look and added hot pink organza riibon weaves on the stems finished off with pearl pins,the bouts for the guys are golden rod yellow all finished off in off ribbon

hot pink rose wedding bouquet

hot pink rose wedding bouquet

Would love to get pictures Kristy!

pink anemone wedding bouquet

Lindsey liked the earlier pink anemone wedding bouquet I did for Chad and Christy and asked me for a replica of it..Here is some samplers of her bouquet!

orange red yellow wedding bouquet

For those awaiting the pictures sorry for the delay:-)Finally it's all done hopefully.

Now here is the order for Jenn,it was a much awaited order I was dying to do becoz of the lovely color scheme.Jenn had ordered her wedding bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet in brightly colored flower.She sent me her invite and told me her theme were those colors.It was a challenge to get it right-in the end after a lot of mixing and matching I hope I got it right:-).Jenn was awesome and allowed me to change my mind a bit :-)

The bridal bouquet is below!!!

the brides maids hold hot pink dahlias,red mums,orangy yellow lilies and golden yellow daisies.All wrapped in red ribbon.

Check out the wrist corsages for the mom's :-) It has 3 colored flowers and I switched the ribbon to hot pink as the bright red was a bit too much on the eye..

The groom and dad's wear all the 4 flowers made into a boutonnieres accented with some velvet leaves.

The ushers have single flowers of the bridesmaids.

The aunts and uncles have an orange daisy finished of with hot pink ribbon and to spice it up I added a yellow rickrack tie to them.


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