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Jude's order : using paper flowers for her wedding

I finally am done wih Jude's order (I am way behind schedule again) and so ready to move on to another exciting order for another famous paper artist (more to come on that in my next posts) and then onto an anemone bouquet.

Now Jude's order had some large party flowers and lovely colors,she had asked for large mums (her favorites are mums) and I was hesitant in taking up that as I hadn't yet made any large mums but in fact they turned out pretty good! So Jude here are the mums! Picutres of mums in many sizes galore :-)

paper mums arrangements

One of my customers asked me if I was able to make some mums for her.She requested them to be in a paper pot.I thought over it and created this for her.She runs a day care and wanted a child friendly arrangement.I can understand that very much having a 3 yr old and 1 yr old at home! :-) Would serve as a lovely centerpieces for a wedding too,would last forever and sure would fool some people.


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