wedding stephanotis bouquet

I had an order for a white stephanotis bouquet with crystal encrusted in the centers,I was not quite happy with my taped stems of the bouquet I did last time so I gave a upgrade for Whitney and decided her bouquet will have clay stem too.

The stems add such a natural look to them that I thought I should just wrap with a white ribbon and leave it like a fresh handtied bouquet.Hope Whitney like this :-) idea.

stepahnotis clay wedding bouquet

paper first wedding anniversary gift

Roger has contacted me to make a bouquet for their first wedding anniversary on July 14Th! Here is the picture he sent me of the bouquet which has (after a good round of close exmination :-) of the picture ) sterling silver roses,calla Lillie's,hydrangeas,green mums and filler.

and here is my bouquet recreation!

I tried my best to recreate it and the bouquet has turned out really beautiful.Roger's wife is going to have a surprise of her life I think :-)

Now onto Nicole's order finally.

paper peonies wedding bouquet

Here is the wedding bouquet for Celeste of peonies,tulips and roses in ivory and yellow and white.

I was hoping to match the dress and tie the bridesmaids bouquets.I left out the darker tone of yellow.The bouquet has an ostrich feather trim -(hope no one has allergies -dont want anyone sneezing through the ceremony :-)) - looks very beautiful -now the only thing missing is the groom's boutonierre which is a gardenia and fillers.

Yellow tone wedding bouquet of roses feathers

The bouquet for Celeste is finally getting together (thank you Celeste for your patience)- I was waiting for some leaves.Here are the bridesmaids bouquet - the bouquets look exquisite with velvet vintage leaves made in 1960's!! and gorgeous feathers as the wrap!

Very different from what I usually do.

Here is Celeste's dress (beautiful) and I kept that in mind all the time -I hope the bridal bouquet matches this!

The handle looks just lovely doesn't it? The colors and the trim go soo well together -it has a regal touch just like the dress.

Calla lillies and orchids in paper for Helen

Helen had placed her order last year and I thought I should be doing this one first.She initially ordered green orchids then thought white would be better -so here is her order 4 doz white orchids and 1 1/2 doz calla lilies.The orchids took up a looong time for me to do - I am going to be retiring the orchids as they take up too much of time - maybe small orders will be taken up (lol)

jlm couture 2010 spring collection fashion show featuring St Jude's Creations

Today I got the magazine that Tara at DixiePixel sent as it featured Jude's and Josh's wedding well to top that as I was flipping out my eyes virtually popped out to see the paper flowers I did for Richard in the magazine!!! - quickly did a search online and lo and behold here are the fashion show pictures up at Martha Stewart -there are lots more at the link!!!

These particular dresses are for the Alvina Valenta Spring Collection.The back drop was the same for most of their other designers! (Thank you Andrea for the correction!)

more at JLM Couture Collection at Martha Stewart

paper poppies galore

I had an order from my home state of Connecticut for paper poppies! Lucinda is a graphic designer and own a company called Chocolate Creative Design Studio in Stonington, CT and she along with her business partner Sara True owns a company called True and Wesson which combines paper and events.They liked my poppy anemones and wanted them in bold colors! Finally I get to do them in bright colors!

My house is ridiculously full of flowers of 3 orders that I am simultaneously working on! Need to get some shipped out fast :-)

Dahlia wedding cake topper in paper

Clara had emailed and asked for a dahlia and cherry blossom cake flowers in paper,I loved the idea and thought I should take it up even though I have a tight schedule this month!

Here are the picture of a nice orchid tone dahlia and some cherry blossom- the flower are on stems which she is planning to poke into the cake - since I cannot poke into my cake dummy I just arranged them in a bundle.

Hope she like this one!

Lovely Blog Awarded to St Jude's Creations by Cherry Tart design

A one lovely Blog awarded by Cherry Tart Design
Thank you so much!Do check her out at her blog and etsy shop.
We humbly accept the 'One Lovely Blog' Award, and in doing so, post the Rules of Blog Award Acceptance:

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2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

And St Jude's Creations Proudly Passes 'One Lovely Blog Award' on to:

more links Coming soon!

1.I'm Still Me Just Better check out her awesome photoart!

2.Just My Thoughts -for great reading!

3.The Blushing Bride - brides steps to her wedding day!

4.designs by bonzie - high fashion

paper lillies for celeste

I have been throughout the other orders working on an order for Celeste - I have gotten through most of the flowers in the order and gearing up to get them together into bouquets!

Anyway here are some picture of lilies she has ordered -so many ideas are going through my head that I need to finalize the design and nail it to one..:-)

Woodland theme bird cake topper nest

This one is super cute -Betty had asked if I could create for her bird theme cake topper - a nest with my cute bird- they are soo cute that sometimes I feel I should keep them for myself to admire (which is crazy I know).Anyway the topper has 2 birds in a mossy nest - I tried several flower combinations and found that the white forget me nots looked best with 2 leaves - would love to get some wedding cake picture back from you Betty!She has ordered 2 gardenias too!

This one is paired with my peonies!

Assorted paper peonies for baccacoed

Lots of happenings - St Jude's featured in a magazine via Dixiepixel -yippee! St Jude's awarded One Lovely Blog award (more to come on that).Just inundated with orders and hence the sparse postings! Anyway I just LOVED how this order came out -my client had asked for assorted peonies in shades of pink -each time I make the peonies I am one step better I feel -this one is one of my best peonies I made- I hope to turn them into arragement when I get breathing time :-) which hardly happens nowadays with all my orders and 2 toddlers (yes 2) in tow:-) so be ready to order pretty early if you need something.

peony and roses

I am not allowed to elaborate on this order:-) This is just for someone to see the order and then this post goes away.

Yellow peonies for Celeste

I am making the order for Celeste ,which is a pretty large order.she has ordered bouquet plus flowers for the reception.Here are some shots of few of the yellow flowers she has ordered.

Orange Blossoms wedding bridal hair flowers

I had an order for a orange blossoms to wear in the hair for a bride.They have turned out just lovely.The flower are on a short flexible stems which are wound onto a bobby pin.I was pretty intrigued by the flower that I did an search on google and here is what I got off the internet on orange blossoms:

Incorporating orange blossoms into the bride's costume originated in ancient China where they were emblems of purity, chastity and innocence. There are few trees so prolific as the orange; it is one of the rare plants that blooms and bears fruit at the same time, thus becoming symbolic of fruitfulness.

During the time of the Crusades, the custom was brought from the East first to Spain , then to France , then to England in the early 1800's. By then, many enchanting legends had spread throughout the continent of maidens entwining fresh orange blossoms into a bridal wreath for their hair. The influence became so indoctrinated into the culture that the phrase "to gather orange blossoms" took the meaning " to seek a wife". Even America became enthralled with the bridal orange blossoms.

The 19th century bride even decorated her gown with this symbol of fertility. But it was Queen Victoria who created the vogue for the sweet smelling blossoms when she wore them in a grand wreath for her 1840 wedding, and the classic floral theme for the Victorian bride was set. Ever since Winsor brides have taken care to tuck an orange blossom in their bridal ensemble.


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