Anemone wedding bouquet for Steve

An anemone wedding bouquet for a Dec 8th wedding! I hope you like it,so sophisticated and elegant and made of paper.
anemone wedding bouquet paper
black and white wedding bouquet paper
I have been exploring LOTS of new ideas in the world of paper flowers - lots to come next year! Keep watching :-) Follow me on facebook...

Hermes:Hearts and Craft movie

Awesome movie from Hermes! The hard work of handmade products make an impelling presence and the artisans behind it.

I loved this quote - "Despite the arrival of machines,human hands will always be needed.We can make wonderful things.A good craftsman can create wonders that sometimes a machine is incapable of."

Well said..
I know I have been totally out of the blogging scene but I have been busy with orders and guests and by the grace of God had been working on a very exciting project which I hope will be revealed soon... meanwhile..


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